Here we have it…

…the inaugural post.  During a particularly enchanted evening while I was telling work stories someone at the table told me I should write a book.  This caused me to snuffle-snort with laughter and say, “what the heck would I say?” to which everyone at the table said, “what you just said.” 


So, the bug was planted…time went on (approximately 2 weeks) and then I found out I was to become unemployed within 90 days.  Well, crap.  As everyone prepares this place to close I keep thinking about this “book” and what I could teach people as well as how am I going to remember all of the wonderful things, wonderful people, horrible things, and horrible people I have spent so much of my life and time with? 

Well, I knew I was going to have to write.  I already have 2 blogs (yes, I am aware of how dorky that sounds), I have one smutty and one not so smutty.  There are great posts in both of those blogs–but also a bunch of crap.  Squished Together is an attempt to make one blog out of two…a healthy mix of who I am.  I have much copying and pasting to do as well as a whole lotta editing.  Wish me luck and enjoy reading.

Love, -H.