End Is Nigh (and a funny!)

Preface: I have a cold and I feel as if I am dying. There is snot and a cough. Logically I am aware I’m going to be okay, however all I want to do is fast forward to the feel better times. As I feel crappy, obviously the end is nigh.

But this (obviously deadly) case of the common cold has given me a bit of time to actually write up a story that made me laugh so hard I saw shiny stars.

On Saturday night, a little after 10:00PM, D left the bedroom to close up the house. After the bedroom door was closed I heard him rip a glorious fart (he’s quite a classy dude, waiting til he’s outside the room!), and I (obviously) laughed out loud and grabbed my phone and sent a voice recording via messenger that said, “Heard That Toot!” and much giggling (because I’m adult AF). I then completely forgot about it.

Fast forward to Sunday night as I lay suffering with my (obviously deadly) common cold, D tells me how earlier that morning he was checking messages while in the parking lot of the grocery store and he hit play on my (adult AF) message. Unfortunately, right before he hit play he had just farted. So immediately following him passing gas, he heard my rather maniacal laughter and me saying, “I…..Heard…..That……. Toot!” in what, in retrospect, was a very creepy tone!

He figured it out very quickly, but for about a minute there he apparently thought I had both the access to, and the time to play with, some seriously sensitive recording equipment.

This still makes me laugh! It’s just preposterous!

………or is it*?

*No. It totally is preposterous.**

**Or is it?***

***don’t worry, I’m done now.****

****or am I…….?*****

*****Annoyed myself by this point.