>September 30, 2009

>What I learned today:

  • I hate paperwork. Especially the mind-numbingly pointless kind that involves writing shit in triplicate, faxing, emailing, and eventually having to get it signed by people more important than you.
  • Paperwork keeps me from getting actual work done. Seriously, hours people. hours.
  • My father is the only person in the world I can call at 5AM and know he will be up.
  • Breakfast is WAY better when someone else cooks it AND you don’t have to clean up. (Thank you refinery lunch ladies–I love you)
  • Coming up with company name options within 5 minutes is tough; and getting a lawyer is costly (don’t ask; no I haven’t been arrested; everything is fine; long story; I have health insurance; I am not going to be a beach bum; I love you all)
  • When someone is rude to you in front of other people–it TOTALLY still feels like you are the nerd back in high school. Apparently that doesn’t go away. who knew? (into the BOOK OF GRUDGE he goes. The grudge book doesn’t actually accompolish anything–but does make me feel better.)
  • I totally have to write a posting about my Book of Grudge. That bad boy goes back to Junior High School.

Okay, I am done learning today. I don’t want to learn any more. I actually (and this is a shocker) had my choice of two plans tonight. I am sticking with my original plan (more relaxing) and attempting to make the other plan of dinner into pre-dinner drinks. If that was confusing it is because my brain hurts. Have a good day!!!

>Today’s bit of weird.

>So today I found out that Bertha (my ridiculously large ugly beige interior, gray exterior, weird door-handled SUV) may be following me to the new employer. *sigh* Don’t get me wrong, sometimes 8-cylinders and enough cargo space to hold 12 bodies (stacked obviously) comes in handy but I feel like I need to retire my “go green” shirt while I personally drain the earth’s resources. Between my diet coke addiction can disposal problems and my petroleum guzzling SUV I feel I am peeing in the earth’s cheerios. *double sigh*

Okay, here is where it gets weird. Today on my way home I stopped at a stop sign and looked both ways. I saw a vehicle coming from my right–in reverse. It continued on past me in reverse, just a toolin on down the road. backwards.

I freakin’ love this island.

>Lucy, you’ve got some ‘splainin to do…

>Good morning folks.
First off, I would like to ‘pologize for the discombobulation of my last post. Apparently, if you are unaware of the details of my little “company change” that post was a touch shocking. Example: My college roomates mother (whom I adore) called my friend in horror thinking I had quit my job to become a beach bum. (Sorry Diane!!!)
To clarify, I start my new job next week. The new job is going to be exactly the same as the job I have been doing for the last 10 months. Just a different source of paycheck.

Here are some of the questions I’ve been asked–please note: answers are subject to change or blatant denial at any point.

#1. Why are you leaving your current company?

I didn’t want to leave the island–more specifically “we” didn’t want to leave the island. This was a mutual decision between me and the husband. Unfortunately he will be staying stateside for quite some time going to school, working on the house, and working. This will be a slow transition (like, years slow). But it is a long term goal and we are trying. It was a rock and a hard place kind of decision; leave a company I was comfortable with or leave the island. Those were my 2 choices.

#2. Isn’t it hard living apart from your husband?

yup, sucks hairy donkey balls. Hate it. Love it when he’s here although it is hard to learn to live around each other again and then when that’s settled and happy then it sucks when he leaves. I am really lucky because I am making some good friends on the island who know Wilkes and we have a regular friday get together–it really helps keep me from getting too lonely.

#3. What are you going to do with your house? Rent or sell?

Probably sell, eventually. Remember–this is a long and slow process and no decisions have yet been made. Don’t really know what we are going to do with all of our stuff. Don’t know a lot actually. We are taking it one day at a time. Decisions as they are needed.

#4. Isn’t your husband irritated that you have left him yet again to pack up a house and follow you?

Oh yeah, he’s having some serious anxiety about that. I can’t blame him. I mean, my solution when moving is to “give it all away” or “can’t we burn it” or “screw it, let’s stay”. I HATE moving. I’m terrible at it. This was a mutual decision…but executing the decision is the suck-ass part.

#5. A Kitten? Why would you get a kitten?!? What the crap?

I may have lost a few mouse/rat battles; but i won the freakin’ war. My crazy kitten who has officially taken control of my household — his very existance has kept all rodentia out of my house. Suck it Rodentia!

#6. When’s the next time you are coming to the states?

I am thinking of trying to come back to Chicago for Thanksgiving. I have the time off approved it is now just trying to figure out logistics of when, where, how? Right now my dream is that both sides of my family will make a magical reconcilliation and everyone show up in Chicago at a delicioius Polish Restuarant on Thanksgiving. But in reality I am going to have to figure out how to do a “midwest tour–thanksiving style”. I looked into flying into Chicago and then flying out of Toledo or Detroit…but the timing is annoying. For example, who the crap is going to drive me to Detroit at 3AM on a Saturday? And if I fly out of Toledo–I end up BACK IN CHICAGO for a nice long layover. *shaking head* I will try to figure it out and will let you all know–because yes, I do miss you all and love you all very much.

So, anywhoodle–hope this little Q&A has answered some of your questions. When things were in upheaval at work it was really hard to write here because I couldn’t say a lot that was going on. That led to awkward and disjointed posts.
Although, just a heads-up–be prepared for a vast quantity of postings regarding my new kitten (named Greebo). He’s a little insane and he’s kind of cracking me up.
Much love ya’ll!

Best. Fantasy. Ever!

I finally know what it is that I want. And it is decadent, and selfish, and wonderous, and screw it–if I can’t be selfish in my own fantasy…well, when can I?

Location: somewhere comfortable, many pillows, cool temperature.
Wearing: nothing except a black leather collar, nipple rings, heavy eye makeup.
Partner: male; muscular; intense; fully dressed; smells clean–a mix of soap and the essential smell of him.

First he kisses me, intense, deep, wanting. His hands are on me; not groping, not searching but caressing, comforting. He’s eyes are on me, on my smooth skin. With one last kiss he lays me down on my bed of pillows. He separates my thighs one finger sliding slowly into me. From his little bag of tricks he pulls out toys–some thin, some very thick. He massages my legs further apart and begins slowly thrusting toys into me. He chooses thicker and thicker toys as I start to unravel my way towards my first orgasm. Once he squeezes the largest toy into me I feel filled, taken, and am spiraled into yet another realm of pleasure. I feel his mouth kiss my stomach and breasts while I continue to explode. He then flips me over, keeping the thick toy deep inside me while pressing against my ass. Slides it out, and back in–thrusting inside me. Using only toys. All I can focus on is the orgasms, coming in waves. Flipping me back to my back and raising my legs over my head he slides his fingers deep inside me and begins to play with my gspot. Rubbing his long fingers as I groaned deeply. I feel a pressure building deep inside me; he continues to stimulate me until I cum screaming and squirting, blacking out for a second.
With a quick cuddle and a kiss (and a few minutes of recovering for me) we go our seperate ways–me incredibly satisfied and him happy to help.

Damn, if only such a thing existed. 🙂

>So much…

>I really don't know where to begin. Well, first off it's Sunday night, beautiful sunset as always. 🙂

My dogs are sleeping on the cool tile floor, my new cat (Greebo) is sharpening his claws in the bathroom waiting for something to kill and I am in my pajamas. In all truthfulness I was in pajamas all day although I did change types after my shower.

So, I quit my job on Friday. Officially put in my 2 week notice. In case any of ya'll haven't noticed–I find change frightening yet do it anyway. I called my boss and told him about it, got all emotional until he said, "uh Heather–we're not breaking up". This caused me to laugh through the tears. Then I sent out a couple of texts and emails to various folks and then my phone went bat-shit crazy with the calls, texts, and emails. My poor little battery wore down very quickly.

I had a few voicemails from people which I didn't check until Friday night. One of the ones that sticks out was from my mother where she said in a playful tone, "I hope you know what you're doing little girl!" I laughed out loud, said "I sure don't" to the dogs and went to bed.

So here I am about to start the sequel of my time here. I'm thinking of calling it, "Heather's Island 2–this time for keeps" or something equally inane.

In a nutshell, I'm excited to keep working where I am–I learn something new every day; I am not sure about a lot of the details of the future–but really, who is?



>Random funny

>Ok, so this evening I had a 4pm appointment after work. I brought clothes to change into as wearing coveralls after work feels kind of weird and they get really warm. So, in the ladies locker room I put on a pair of black cotton capri yoga pants, a tank top, and a long sleeve top over that. I walked downstairs and HOLY CRAP you would have thought I was wearing stilettos, thigh highs, and some sort of fruited head-dress. All the firemen gathered round and kept saying WOW! You look so "different".
So, I don't know if this is "good" different or "bad" different–but what the hell, at least I was comfortable.
Now I kinda want a fruited headdress.