Sleepy stupid happy face.

Guess how I spent the last few hours of being 35 and the first few hours of being 36? That’s right!  I was talking to a man. And I like him. And it was fun. And I like him. Sure he may live 10 gazillion miles away in a magical place where summer is winter and the TOILETS FLOW BACKWARDS due to fancy science stuff aka MAGIC (ugh. I know you are all waiting with bated breath to see if I know the term Coreolis Effect. I know it……just can’t spell it.). Did I mention I like him?
Yep. There are 47 billion things that could go wrong…..I don’t care. It is my birthday and I got to connect with someone who made me feel happy and I may be the luckiest lady in all the world.
I’m off to grab just a few hours of sleep to dream of toilets flushing the wrong way. Or maybe about someone who made me feel squishy inside because he wanted to send me flowers for my birthday.
Gnite y’all.