but really, I’m okay.
I’m sitting here in the hospital and my sister is with me talking to my mom….which makes it easier for me not to talk to my mom.
My incision hurts. that’s right, my cut in my belly, surprisingly, hurts. Just got the visit from my doctor to explain why she had to cut through my belly as opposed to the removal of my uterous and cervix through my vagina.
It turns out my vagina clamps the heck closed when I am under anesthetic. That’s right, when I am knocked out nothing is allowed in. Who knew? The doctor said that was a first for her.
So, cut through my belly, removed the uterous and the cervix. They also burned off some endometriosis and removed a cyst from one ovary.
And no, I didn’t know about either one of those two issues either. Le sigh.

I’m not feeling much up to talking as I am suffering through the unfortunate truth of woman doctors are not generous with pain-relievers.
I shit you not, they are giving me advil.
Advil….a whopping 800 mgs twice a day. That is about what I would take for a nasty headache.
A gut stabbing, burning, and a cutting I feel deserves more than an advil.
Love y’all,