The pokey pokey devil….

World, meet Gerald. Gerald, meet World. Please note this little putty comes with two dedicated Brindles to guard him and beg him to share his delicious cat food as well as provide him with entertainment and chew toys when he wants to play. Example of this? I was treated to a joyous thunderdome of brindle+kitten playtime at around 01:37 this morning. on my pillow. they were proud. I was tired. It would have been cute….but, ya know, 01:37.
This is the best little pokey devil kitten and he is beloved by the humans and the puppies. The other cat (Gertrude) believes Gerald is in league with the Brindles to bring about her destruction and therefore must be destroyed, but she spends most of her days murdering and destroying outdoor critters and zooming around the yard, so thus far, no issues. Unfortunately, Gerald had found his true enemy to be toilet paper and he attacks it whenever possible and this has lead to a few unfortunate situations for the humans. He is also not a fan of baths and magically turned into a porcupine when I tried that.