Fucking Exercise…..or Big Fuzzy Balls.

This post isn’t going to be long because it is hard to hold the stylus and the tablet due to me being all sore and ouchy. A little backstory–I tend to be sedentary. If there isn’t something to do then I don’t do anything.  It’s not healthy and through no actual planning other than having fun,  the boyfriend and I have been playing “the tennis”. I have dabbled in “the tennis” beginning in England as a teenager and became incredibly not in anyway good. As a college student my favoriteist friend & I used to play against a guy-friend and adding the two of us together made one not-great tennis player. If I only knew then what I know now–giant fuzzy kid tennis balls make actually hitting the ball so much easier! They bounce slower,  so you can hit them. So, because you CAN hit them, you do. Then you run around more to hit said hittable balls. Then, after running around for an hour a night every day for a week (like 4 days-shut. up.) it hurts to be alive.
love ya,