>The long weekend…

>There is nothing better than a long weekend! I am sad that it is almost over. :o(

Today we updated Wilkes’ phone because our carrier has to change from Verizon to AT&T for the island. We got him the Blackberry Bold for his Yule and Birthday present combined and for the first time he is officially out-geeking me with his technology — I am totally jealous! :o)

Verizon (just fyi) does not office service on STX, well they do but apparently it runs at over $1 per minute (yikes!) so my company is switching me over to an AT&T account, but we have still kept our 618 area code numbers. :o)

It occurred to me today that I have a TON to do before I leave in a mere 34 days (holy crap!!! 34 days!!!) I still have to figure out what to bring, what to leave, what to ship, etc. If anyone has any good ideas feel free to leave me a comment.
Also, should anyone be planning on a visit, try to let me know as soon as you can, I will set up a calendar for couch space.
Hugs to you all!!!

>Happy Thanksgiving!


I have way too much to be thankful for to list out, however I wanted to say thank you to all my friends, family, and co-workers for all of your love and support during this St. Croix trip planning. I would not be where I am today without you and I love you all.
I hope you all ate well today and are resting happily.

My Apartment ’09

Okay, so it is not much, but it will be my home for the next year. Below is my living room and for those of you visiting, that is your couch! 🙂 Well, your futon anyway. It is a one bedroom sort of apartment, although my “bedroom” is really a loft.

My “bedroom” is below.

This is the view down from my bedroom (loft?) thing…
And now we get to the really good stuff. This next photo is the view from my bedroom.


And here is the view from my little concrete patio–for those of you visiting, this will be where the rum happens. 🙂


So, there is just a quick view of what I know so far. I will keep you updated!



Stolen time for an update…

So I am stealing a little time from my training to write this, because let’s face it, it’s been a while.  Here’s what is going on.
1.  As I have stated before I am moving to the island of St. Croix, it is pretty gosh darn exciting, and I am really happy about it, etc.  HOWEVER, it is still stressful as hell.  No, I do not know what I am doing with my house, No, I do not know when and if my spouse will come down there, No, I don’t (yet) know how I am going to get my large dog onto the island, No, there is no quarantine and yes, I may have to charter a special plane, no I am not kidding.  So, needless to say, with all of the St. Croix (STX) crap I have been a touch stressed.  Just a touch.  Only 1 panic attack so far though.  :)
 2.  LOL.  I over-use it, and I find myself irritating.  I have been IMing people, facebooking people, and I am always laughing, I look like a lunatic.  LOL LOL, whatever, we need a new statement, something that means, I am somewhat amusing myself while writing this.  
3.  I am in a laboratory right now (insert evil lab laugh here).  I am learning to identify asbestos in building materials.  It is not so easy, it is subjective and a great whopping pain in my butt. But in all honesty some of the trippy-est pretty-est things I have ever seen.  Picture serious lava lamp but multi-colors.  Minerology is beautiful, if a pain in the ass.
4.  On Halloween I rocked my satin bodice, yes, I went into public like that.  You should have seen the faces my boobs got.  I had more women caressing my breasts than I have ever had.  Needless to say, the boobs were a hit in downtown Chicago.  I was dancing my ass off to a band called 16 candles.  Guess what they play?  you got it, 80′s music.  I had a big fun time. 
5.  Yesterday I wore E’s socks.  Made me think of her.  I love her, and she would have had fun with my breasts on Halloween.  :)
6.  Never before in my life have I been so less sexy.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually looking pretty good.  I re-dyed the purple into my hair (the bleachy parts were looking way to white), face is good, etc.  but I just haven’t been “into” it.  And, for the first time that I can accurately remember, I turned the husband down. Yes, you heard me.  It was part irritation that after months of not touching me he could snap his fingers and expect me to respond, and part, eh, who needs it.  But I was oddly satisfied to be like, eh, no.  Maybe, finally I can be like normal people–you know, dead inside?  Sex not needing to be an everyday kind of thing. 
or more likely I am just a stressed person.  but whateva.  :) :) :)
7.  I am so happy with our President elect.  I loves him.  Hope everyone voted.  :)  
8.  I miss my friends.  I want to have them over before I leave for STX.  but I am rapidly running out of time.Love you all!

I have some words….

I have some words…

Okay, so initially I was going to name this, ‘I have no words’.  but in reality, I have some damn words. 
My stepmother is so crazy she moved past “bat crap crazy” and has moved more towards “batten down the hatches, the evil is coming” crazy. 
For those of you who do not recall, she spurned last years birthday greetings as she determined that I was insinuating that she was an alcoholic due to the martini glass on the outside of the card.  ooookay.  whatever.
This year, this year in for the sake of my father (I know where I got my penchant for the crazy woman from, it must be genetic, anyway) I painstakingly handpainted a card to look like stained glass, and then I wrote a simple Happy Birthday on the inside…
crazy-ass bitch had it sent back addressee not known. 

I assumed it was a mistake.  I mean, right?  It had to be a mistake.  I double checked the address…okay, that was correct.  So I called my father…nope.  no mistake. 
Sometimes, in the midst of all that wackiness, you just have to laugh. 
and yes, I sent it again. 
I wonder how many times it will come back….



So, I have not gotten much further on the planning the move front.  All mastiff owners beware, flying with the big beasties is tough.
My beastie is “precious and wee” by comparison, Life only weighs 119lbs (she is a mix).
Currently my best hope seems to be flying commercial to San Juan (known for its really bad treatment of animals btw) with my little dog (65lbs) Teak as excess baggage meanwhile shipping Life as freight  (~$800) hopefully on a similarly timed flight.
Then, after arriving at the San Juan airport (SJU) gather the beasts (I am sure the shaking, stressed, unhappy beasts), remove them from their crates and put them on leashes.  Disassemble crates, and then go to a PRIVATELY CHARTERED PLANE (I only wish I was kidding ~$1000).  The best part is that since this is a super tiny puddle jumper type plane the only entry is over the wing, so I get to convince 2 highly stressed, unhappy beasties to get onto the wing and crawl into the plane where we all sit in a puppy pile on the back bench of the little plane. The disassembled crates barely fitting in. Then we hop over to the island of St. Croix and then we are home. Did I mention there is no room for any luggage for me? So I will be living there with whatever I wear on the flight.  :) At least until the clothes I ship arrive.
So, anyone have any fundraising ideas to fund the “Life goes to STX” fund?
I am trying to get my company to pay for it, but it is not going over well.
So.  Besides the lack of funds the one point I want to make is all of those people who give up their dogs–well they are just asses.  I mean seriously, if I can move heaven and earth, bankrupt myself, work really hard to beat other renters to some of the few pet friendly living areas in the islands, and evenutally need xanax due to the stress of it all to move my 12 year old lab mix named Teak and my 7 year old shepherd/rottie mix named Life with me on a work assignment then these jerks who get themselves a cute puppy and after a few years of ignoring them call us to pick them up can kiss my a$$.  I mean, seriously?  What is wrong with them.
Again, if anyone has any fundraising ideas, let me know. 🙂

Humor. ha.

so, I forgot to tell you all a funny Halloween story.  I was talking to a seriously hot friend of mine *sigh* who wears corsets all the time.  She was giving me some hints and tips on re-lacing.  (dude, she is so hot, and to think of her in corsets…yeah, almost kills me too).  So, anywhoodle she was helping me (by way of phone) to re-lace the ol’ boob hiker.  I decided to attempt to put in on, she suggested lying down. 
So I lay down on the couch, put my phone on speaker and attempt to shove my body into a tight sheeth thing.  I leaned just a smidge too far to the right and lost my balance, my foot (toe) hit first and unfortunately landed on my lunch plate which I had put down for the dogs to lick, the plate skidded away and with a gigantic OOOF!!! I fell flat on my face. 
Yes, I fell off the couch, bruised my toe, scared the hell out of my dogs who ran away, and whacked my chin on my hard wood floor. Happy Halloween to Me.
oh yeah, and the hot lady heard it all.  Yes, yes she did.  After assuring herself I was fine, she hung up giggling.  At the very least, I at least made her giggle.  But then I was off to dance and make other kinds of merry.  It was wacky big fun.