Humor. ha.

so, I forgot to tell you all a funny Halloween story.  I was talking to a seriously hot friend of mine *sigh* who wears corsets all the time.  She was giving me some hints and tips on re-lacing.  (dude, she is so hot, and to think of her in corsets…yeah, almost kills me too).  So, anywhoodle she was helping me (by way of phone) to re-lace the ol’ boob hiker.  I decided to attempt to put in on, she suggested lying down. 
So I lay down on the couch, put my phone on speaker and attempt to shove my body into a tight sheeth thing.  I leaned just a smidge too far to the right and lost my balance, my foot (toe) hit first and unfortunately landed on my lunch plate which I had put down for the dogs to lick, the plate skidded away and with a gigantic OOOF!!! I fell flat on my face. 
Yes, I fell off the couch, bruised my toe, scared the hell out of my dogs who ran away, and whacked my chin on my hard wood floor. Happy Halloween to Me.
oh yeah, and the hot lady heard it all.  Yes, yes she did.  After assuring herself I was fine, she hung up giggling.  At the very least, I at least made her giggle.  But then I was off to dance and make other kinds of merry.  It was wacky big fun.

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