>Saturday–internet success!

>Hey folks.
I have internet–it is even wireless.
I do not, however, have my blackberry. I did buy a crappy little phone and swapped sim cards–so I am still reachable.
Thats all, nothing too exciting. It’s raining here in the rain forest.
I have a new appliance–a toaster oven. I have never had one of these things before and I have to tell you I will never be without one again.
The dogs are doing well–still spoiled. They go everywhere with me, Life’s big ol’ head hanging out the side window drool flying. I think I am starting to be known as the dog lady. Oh well, I’ve had worse nicknames–heck, in college I was snake lady.



>So as we are all aware, I do not have an exciting life–hence the posting I should have titled, “what I ate today” by Heather Wilkes. (LAME!)
But–here is the latest update from my ‘hood.
My landlord calls me this morning to tell me he lost a day. I don’t know how he lost a day but he seemed shocked that it was friday and not thursday. Anyway, that was not the main purpose of the call, I just thought it was kind of an odd thing to be told–he was telling me the update with his other tenant and how he has told her to get rid of her dogs and he will put the pet deposit towards her back rent. I have mixed feelings about this but in all honesty these dogs are not treated correctly anyway. But I could hear her crying in the background of this phone call.
Then, about 20 minutes later, he called again. Yeah, I couldn’t make up this much drama.
So, remember her boyfriend, you know–the one that had a different girlfriend. Well, right after the landlord gave her her second notice (you know, that three step process towards eviction?) the boyfriend called and BROKE UP WITH HER. I know, shocking. A guy, cheating on his girlfriend (wife?), would treat a woman he was cheating with poorly? who knew that could happen. *sigh*
Well, during this phone call I could hear her howling. Yes, howling, in the background.
Methinks I don’t wanna go home tonight.
I feel bad for the lady, I really do. Her life totally sucks right now.
But, since I don’t have cable…
(Dang, I am so cynical!!!)
On the bright side of things–I may be getting internet tonight!!!! In my house. 🙂
if I buy a router, that means I would be able to talk on the phone IN MY HOUSE.
I am quite excited.
Have a great friday, a great weekend, and I shall chat with ya’ll later!!!


>This morning I went to the cafeteria and purchased breakfast.
It was 2.00 and a tasty breakfast sandwich it was indeed. I may never cook breakfast again.

Very important sidenote: diet pepsi with spanish writing on it advertising something in 2008 is not good. Don’t try it.

Additionally I feel a certain cell phone company characterized by three letters and an & between the 2nd and last letter may in fact be the devil.
Just fyi.
More on _ _ & _ later.


>Hola folks.
Well I’m home after a long wednesday. I don’t know what it is but the weeks are freakin’ long here. And the weekends are freakishly short.
For those of you picturing me living an exotic lifestyle I want you to know I live a very boring life here on this island. It goes like this pretty much every day:
Wake up-early. Usually by 5.
Make breakfast– including coffee (I’ve developed a serious love of coffee–I don’t know why, but there is just something about Dunkin Donuts artificially flavored vanilla coffee.) Let dogs out. Feed dogs. Let dogs out again. Eat breakfast. Give dogs leftover breakfast.
Get dressed–wardrobe choice is limited to Nomex, or Nomex. I now have 2 colors to chose from, beige or blue. I own 3 old beat up, torn, stained beige colored nomex–but it is super light. I own 6 pairs (thanks Rob!!!) of dark blue “dress” nomex. I’m not going to lie–I look darn good in the blue (well, not like, wear it out to the club good, but you know, professional looking) but they are THICK!!! Thick means warm. But they weren’t as bad as I had feared. They kind of feel like denim.
So then I leave for work. Sometimes I skip breakfast and go straight to work and eat a granola bar. (I know how boring this is–wait, its gets worse)
The sun rises as I drive towards the twinkling lights and towers of the refinery.
I turn off my radio (ipod) and roll down all my windows (so security can search the truck). Smile and make nice with security and hand over badges-one for the car, one for me, one for my laptop.
Then off I go to my office. Which is located conveniently at the top of the fire station. There I either gather equipment to go monitor people, or fiddle with my lab stuff, or a billion or one other things that are all fairly interesting.
Somewhere between 11 and 1 I grab lunch. Either eating in the cafeteria or getting it to go. I sit with a group of fairly smart dudes…they argue philosophy, safety issues, and sometimes like today they chat about different types of soda and food that were available “back in the day”. I usually say nothing (I know, weird huh?) and eat.
Then I either finish up monitoring, go to meetings (there are a lot of meetings), talk asbestos, test asbestos, argue with my co-worker (we have a darn good sarcastic banter between us–that is something that doesn’t go over well on the island. Since James is from New York and me being me–well, a little sarcasm makes the day better. ), and then ship off samples, write reports, etc.
End of day comes and I leave the gate the same way I came in. Then I fight some traffic, stop at my mailbox in the hopes someone has loved me enough to send me somethin, then home.
Where I am greeted by happy well rested dogs. We take a little walk where they relieve themselves and then I make dinner–for them and me.
Then shower and some dvd before bed.
Boring as heck, right?

Probably it will get more exciting eventually. 🙂 but now I must sleep! 🙂

>fastest posting ever…

>Hey everyone, sorry it has been a while since I have posted. I know you worry.
Yesterday (monday) sucked. It was a hot icky day, I had to deal with the politics of the place I am working, the place I work for, the place where I live (landlord, neighbor stuff), and people broke my shit. Okay, it wasn’t my shit–but when an air pump is destroyed it still irritates the crap out of me.
It probably didn’t help that I didn’t get any sleep Sunday night–and just because I couldn’t sleep, not because I was doing anything fun. *sigh*

Anyway, I have to make this short–turns out my wonderful “use my blackberry as a modem”-thing may not be so wonderful after all. 😦 😦 😦
I’m going to try this weekend to get internet in the house.
I will say one thing for STX. Nothing is done easily.

FYI: for those of you who are following the soap opera, “Heather’s Neighborhood” here is the update. Last night the neighbor cooked dinner for me and the landlord, it was very tasty. I know the landlord is having $ problems and he mentioned to me that my neighbor owes him $3200 in back rent. HOLY CRAP. The landlord drove the neighbor around yesterday to try to find her a job…it did not work. The neighbor may be sueing her ex-boss (the place she just quit) for sexual harassment and lack of payment. So, that’s this weeks’ episode of “Heather’s Neighborhood” the place where there are 5 dogs, 3 humans, 2 wild roof dwelling iguanas,and 50 bazillion lizards (geckos).
I seriously need a field guide for this place…

>Dear Liver…

>Dear Liver,
I am sorry. I know I haven’t prepared you for living here. I should have spent my last few months training–instead I drank water. Silly, I know. Liver, I appreciate all that you do and I care about you greatly. You are important to me–I need you! Please don’t give up on us, try to remember the good times. With just a little effort on your part and a smidge of moderation on mine–I think we can make this work.
Love always,

>Tuesday 01/20/2009

>Evening everyone,
How’s things? It is 7:30 PM here which means it is 5:30 for most of you. I am exhausted. Almost stupid tired and in all honesty I don’t really have that much to say.

It has rained here the past few days, needless to say it has not improved the road to my apartment. Ooooh, oooh, I do have news. Well, it is not news it is more interesting tidbit of info. Remember back in the post where I explained how to get to my apartment –well, if you recall the super ugly blue house with the super ugly blue concrete fence with eagles on it painted ugly blue with faces painted to look like seagulls??? Well, turns out that used to be a whorehouse. Nope, not kidding. An actual whore house. The owner (pimp?) apparently died a few years ago and now someone lives there as if it were an actual house. All I could think was how many times do you have to bleach the bathroom in an old whore house before you would feel okay not wearing shoes in the shower or sitting all the way down on the toilet seat?
Yeah, I don’t think I could live there either. But who knows (I say as I’m looking around my apartment), anyone could have lived here before.
I also wondered what happened to all the old prostitutes who lived there when the old dude (pimp?) kicked…do you think they had somewhere to go, are there now free-range prostitutes running around…do you see what I start to think when I am stupid tired??? I warned ya’ll.

I have a neighbor drama update. She was sobbing when I got home. Again. I wish I didn’t sound so cynical but if someone sobs every day it sort of loses the effect (aka sympathy). Apparently the boyfriend didn’t show up to pick her up from work. This is the same man who apparently has another girlfriend who just doesn’t understand him (uh huh – do they ever understand?), is planning on taking her to Italy—she just has to get her passport (uh huh), and is going to bail her out of this “rent problem” (you know, the not paying it part). I keep trying to talk to her using logic. It is not working. Her car is totaled and she needs $700 to fix it, she works at a bar during the day but they often send her home early, and she is behind in rent. Did I mention the husband whom she is separated from? It is horrifying to watch, but I don’t know how to help her. Anyway, enough about that—maybe I am just cynical, perhaps this guy is her prince charming and will sweep her away from all this.
Hey, if someone does sweep her away from all this I can rent the place next door for when people come to visit. It attaches to my apartment with a door and then people could have their own little place to stay.

There is no garbage service to the house. When the landlord is around he takes the cans but he has been gone for a while. I tried to find the dump today, and failed. I know I have been there before—I think they moved it on me. :o)

Goodnight all, I will try to have something more interesting to write tomorrow.


>Dear Redwing boots: I love you. You are the comfiest boots I have ever owned. You are a “double wide” size, which although appears unnatractive it certainly makes life worth living while running around in hot weather.
You were worth every penny over the boot allowance.

Dear Refinery Cafeteria: I love you. You feed me daily, providing sustenance (and vegetables) and air conditioning in one convenient location.
As if that were not enough, you take my tray and wash my dishes.

Dear Beige nomex: I hate you. You are hot, scratchy, and make me look like a giant beige weeble wobble.
Dear hard hat: see above. You don’t help the image thing and you give me acne as soon as you touch my skin.