>Dear Redwing boots: I love you. You are the comfiest boots I have ever owned. You are a “double wide” size, which although appears unnatractive it certainly makes life worth living while running around in hot weather.
You were worth every penny over the boot allowance.

Dear Refinery Cafeteria: I love you. You feed me daily, providing sustenance (and vegetables) and air conditioning in one convenient location.
As if that were not enough, you take my tray and wash my dishes.

Dear Beige nomex: I hate you. You are hot, scratchy, and make me look like a giant beige weeble wobble.
Dear hard hat: see above. You don’t help the image thing and you give me acne as soon as you touch my skin.

One thought on “>01-21-09

  1. >Beige? You got Beige Nomex? You lucky dog! At least you don’t look like a day worker from Lucas County Correctional Facility!Find a pair you like and have them altered.Beige!Euy

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