Happy New Year!

Okay, well…almost.
Am I tied to a bed getting tortured to orgasm repeatedly?
Am I dancing at a club, sweating-grinding, kissing?
I’m in pajamas, at home, on the couch with a cold and a sad dog who had surgery today.
I was going to go out to a friends (admittedly in pajamas) but annoyingly my truck battery is dead.(?!?) So, at home, watching a movie.
I’m lame, this I know.
Love you all!

>New Years, Work, and a whole lot of Wah!

>Hey folks. I have a cold. It’s not a particularly bad cold; just enough ickiness to put a damper on your day. Throat hurts, can only breathe out of one nostril…you know the deal. Between that and the fact that my face is bleeding like I have some sort of stigmata due to a new crop of acne which along with my new wrinkles makes me soooooo attractive. Yes, I know I am not supposed to pick. No, I don’t seem to be able to stop. Yes, I know that is a problem. But hey, I am freakin’ ROCKING the troll look.
What was I talking about; oh yeah. New Years. So, as most of you know it is going to be a Blue Moon on New Years Eve. Seriously. I think I may be afraid to go out. It’s going to be amatuer night + werewolves. *shaking head* Current plans include going over to a friends with the husband and dogs and apply moderate amounts of alcohol. *shrugs* Whenever I plan big it ends up very disappointing, so this year, planning small.
New Years Resolution: to write in this thing more. I am currently averaging about once per week–but I am thinking of trying to up it to 3 times per week. Don’t know, have some thoughts percolating and will keep ya’ll updated.
As an important sidenote: Soon Come the turnaround. The FCC (refinery thingy) is going down and 1500 unprepared contractors are, as I type, prepping to descend upon this island (some are here; some will be here later). They will arrive and it will be like they have never seen rum nor women before. *shrugs* looking on the bright side I should get some great stories out of this.
On the Dooley front–he has gone home as of last night. Bless that big hearted bafoon, he did not fit into our pack very well. It was an experience and things like that always keep me from getting a puppy! 🙂
*big hugs*

wah wah fuckity wah

I have not had sex in a Very Long Time.
I haven’t even played with myself in a very long time.
I was given an offer by the visiting husband and shockingly (like, I was seriously shocked by this) I turned him down. Why!?! you may be asking. Well, I’ll tell ya.
I didn’t wanna. Normally I would beg for it…but for some reason I had the thought that if I fucked him, it would be 6 minutes of fun followed by months of frustrated angry rage. So I thought to myself–huh, maybe this is why people give up on sex.
Probably this won’t be forever…I’m sure once he leaves I will be back at myself like a monkey with a pleasure button. But this visit of his has been a roller coaster of emotions. I love him I hate him I want a divorce please move here….it’s been f’n exhausting.
So please excuse me from the fun smuttery for a little while.
-love, H.

>Almost a year…Happy Eve!

>Can ya’ll belive I have been down here for almost a year? Yeah, me either. Yet, here we are on Christmas Eve. A year ago today I was back in the midwest hanging out with family–spending a lot of time talking about my “year” in St. Croix. Lots of changes this year, changed companies…okay, so that was the biggest change but there are lots of little ones too. I now have a (psycho devil minion) cat. Have officially learned (thanks Doolie) that I do not want a 3rd dog, and lived a whole year without having actual tv. Please don’t think I’m a saint; I have netflix and watch a lot of tv onlne…just saying, I don’t have network tv. I have learned that netflix is one of the best services in the world, that I fit in pretty well on this island of misfit toys, and I have learned I like my own company. Having never lived alone before–well, it’s kind of nice. I have a lot more patience these days; because when everything take HOURS you have to develop patience. The last thing that I have learned is you can develop a callous regarding the beauty of the world around you. Yes, I have a deck overlooking one of the most beautiful views ever; often I prefer to go see what netflix I have to watch. It’s sad, and yet nice that I feel at home enough to ignore the beauty.
Alright, enough of the year in review. Doolie update: this little (GIANT) bugger is a pain in the patootie! We have developed a system to keep him downstairs at night. The other 2 dogs sleep upstairs and the cat? well, who knows what he does. Sometimes I wake up with him stealing my pillow; sometimes he goes and kills things. anyway, with Doolie downstairs at night he sleeps as opposed to playing “kill the kitten” under the bed all night. Doolie goes home in T-4 days. Not that I am counting. 🙂 He is a very sweet dog; just trying to determine his place in the household.
Alrighty, that’s about all. Come the new year I am going to continue this blog. Probably involving themes (reviews, guest blogging, photo thursday, etc.)
Oh, Plans for the holidays? sorry, you all seem to want to know. Here is the Heather’s schedule of Holiday events:

December 24th — slacky dinner with husband and neighbors. eaten outside on the deck. turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cranberry, veggies, and dessert.
December 25th — slacky (possibly still in pjs) breakfast at a friends house with pretty much everyone I know. Then onto the beach for a day of sunshine and waves.

New Years? no idea–but I have a great outfit! 😉
January 2nd — Adult parade at 11AM local time. *very* excited to see this. I arrived on the 2nd last year and caught some of the teardown…the outfits look amazing. This year you can watch it live on the internet. 🙂
January 3rd — Recovery; then back to work. 🙂

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Happy Solstice!

Is the dark over? Or is my darkness coming to fruition?
People, it’s bad. It’s just bad.
How is it possible to be so incredibly happy in all aspects of my life but one? What is that unhappiness you ask? It’s my marriage.
How I can feel so utterly unloved and alone in a small apartment I will never know.
I wish I could come up with something inspiring, smutty, adorable, or hopeful. Alas, tonight, the joy is gone. I am sorry to you all.


>I say Welp! It’s a fun combination of well and help. Here’s the news: *I* am officially the bad neighbor. I know! Who knew? I mean, I’ve been the bad neighbor before…you know, when for a while I didn’t believe in landscaping (drove my Chicago neighbor nuts) or hey, when I described my first neighbor in startling detail on this blog–probably not so neighborly then either.
But Doolie the beast from hell, well, he and his cat-search-play-jump shenanigans round the clock have officially prompted the OMG you suck email from the neighbor. And she is not wrong–I *do* suck.
Tonight there is going to be some exercise. Because otherwise I am screw-ed.