>So, I have not much to say but I do wish there were 3 of me. One to keep up my blogs and talk with friends and family, and 2 of me to work. Cause HOLY crap am I busy.
I turn 33 in 2 days. I shall count all my blessings then–because I am lucky to have many.
On the bright side the bathroom close to my new office has a very kind mirror. I love that and shall include it in my blessings. 🙂
Have a good week everyone!

Naked Man!

Evenin’!  I am a fan of How I Met Your Mother.  Mainly because of Neil Patrick Harris–who, let’s face it, is amazing.  I HEART him so very very much.  It probably doesn’t hurt that I used to have a thing for Doogie Howser. 🙂  Just sayin’.

Anyway, one episode Barney learns the whole “Naked Man” bit to get women into bed.  Much hoo-larity ensues.

So, when I got a picture of my own naked man, well, I KNEW he meant it to be sexy and in a way it was.  But not in all ways…please let me explain.

There he was, naked, with a red cape on.

It turns out, that was not a cape but a red towel, draped daringly over his shoulder.  But when I saw the picture I immediately thought OMG-my own superhero, my own (play dramatic entry music) Naked Man!!!

So, yes.  I asked permission before I posted this…because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.  Naked Man!!! has feelings you know.   I don’t know what his super powers will be, probably something along the lines of spanking my ass until it is bright red to match his Naked Man!!! cape.

Oh, Naked Man!!! Bad days wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t have your picture to cheer me up. 🙂


>There is a storm. It's sorta coming.
It may be dubbed "Alex" but in all likelihood it will get smacked down by an opposing windsheer.
But that reminds me I forgot to tell ya'll–this year is forecasted to be a BAD hurricane year. So, just to let you know, I will be fine. I am not too worried. I am all stocked up on necessary stuff, blah blah blah. I do still need a tarp and potentially a chainsaw.
But other than that I'm good.
So, if a hurricane hits us, I will post a "im alive" posting as soon as I can. But, assume I am.

Holy Tired.

Hey folks. Sorry the smut has been, well, a lackin’ of late. I haven’t even had time to rub one out for almost a week. Probably indicative of the amount of shopping I have been doing. When I’m sexually satisfied, I am pretty damn chill and hate shopping. When I haven’t cum in a long time I buy a metric crap ton of (in this instance) craft supplies. I am embossing, stamping, embroidering, and bead stringing up a fucking storm lately. It’s…lame.

For the last week or so I have been “moonlighting” (shit, is that even a phrase anymore?) at yet another job. Mold abatement. Great Good Gods I cannot explain how much I HATE indoor air quality work. Although to be fair I hate ergonomics more. I’ve always been a ‘heavy industry’ gal (I know there is a vibrator joke in there…I’m just too tired to make it go). Anyway, the whole thing where office workers get chilly due to the a/c and then they start doing shit like propping open doors and taping closed vents…grrrr, don’t. fucking. do. that. Also, whenever you take a 200 year old building, put in a drop ceiling, randomly place drywall over an old bathroom, have some sort of special education program design the HVAC system, store a metric crap-ton of old molding documents, prop the doors open because you’re “too cold” and tape the vents closed to help “warm up”—keeping in mind this is a tropical fucking island do not be shocked by the mold problem.

Just. Saying.

Anywhoodle…I am pooped.

The husband shows up on Wednesday. I am a lot nervous, a little excited, and a whole bunch of fucking freaked out about the potential of accidentally getting knocked up since they yanked out my IUD. Wouldn’t that be awful!!! I’m still trying to decide if this marriage is going to work out. So, I’m picking up condoms on the off chance I get to get laid.

Next weekend, if there are no jobs going on…I want to stay very very still for the whole weekend. Although, I can say working with a dozen of 20-something sexy guys has not been ALL bad. J