*shaking my head*

*shaking my head*

So, my friend is all, “oh darn, I had just pulled the chip from the trail camera when this bear came so I had to take photos with my phone.” Whereas I am all, “OMFG THERE IS A BEAR NEXT TO YOUR LAUNDRY IT MIGHT EAT YOU MAYBE DON’T HANG OUT WITH BEARS!” but, to be fair to me–I have been a wee bit too traumatized after I read the news story of the girl who got eaten by a bear while on the phone with her mother to be all appreciative of bears NEXT TO MY CLOTHES.

a whole new world….

and now that I have a Disney song stuck in your head, I shall begin this post brought to you by the fine people of “My Friend has a Cool Outdoor Camera in Michigan” which will probably make more sense at the end of this post.

Because writers block is caused by many (many) things and the only way to work through it is by 1. having something to write on (thank you very much hard drive of doom) and 2. just getting onto the dang site to make words go; here I am accomplishing option number 2 by stealing borrowing appropriating being gifted some lovely fun photos from a friend of mine who has an outdoor camera. Enjoying the micro-dramas titled (in my head) along the lines of “Who stole the sunflower seeds?” and “Why won’t these dang animals learn to pose!” and my personal favorites, “Dear Deer, we are sorry; we now know it wasn’t you.” and  “Dear Raccoon, you are a sneaky jerk!”

We shall start the insanity fun with my very favorite picture. There is just something about this deer’s face which I believe captures the most awkward “hello” look in the entire history of deer-kind. 

:) Deer says Hello.

🙂 Deer says Hello.