>My husband was in the bathroom (I know, good start to a story, right? 🙂 ) and he pops back out after what I know to be after 7 years of marriage–WAY to short of a time. Holding his pants together and up with one hand he points back into the bathroom and says (in a manner best described as put out), "there is a teeeny tiny toad in the bathroom". I leap to my feat to investigate such an anomaly (I have removed many a baby lizard, metric-crap-ton of spiders, and am currently planning on chemically eradicating a mess o' ants which have colonized my vanity. The ants seem to have bitch-slapped the termites into submission so I have mixed feelings on the buggers).
Inside my bathroom on the ledge leading into the shower is an ADORABLE white tree frog. Fyi: these are TOXIC (yet still cute)to dogs (cuter). So, the little bugger needed to be removed from the domicile (before Life ate it, she has a thing for reptiles). Husband and I debated various methods (tissue box–cause we are lazy and that was in the bathroom–or hands). I went with hands. I carefully leaned down, placed my hands around it, gently scooped it up and it FREAKED. Leapt from my hands while leaking out liquid like a sieve. I, the calm biologist who used to deal with a ton of reptiles on a daily basis yelled (loudly), "YOU PEED ON ME–I HATE YOU!!!". Then washed my hand. Once I retrieved some gladware from the kitchen I caught it and let it go outside. I then tossed the gladware in the trash like the environmentally irresponsible person I have become (I drive an SUV now!!! I retired my "green" shirt–I feel like too much of a hypocrite), then the husband went back into the restroom only to come out defeated. The little frog had scared his poop away.
(And he would be SO happy that I said that)
Goodnight all!


>This economy sucks.
I am so tired of hearing about budgets, cutbacks, lay-offs, and all of the associated depressing crap. Today at the refinery there was a stand-down. A small amount of time where they encouraged people to remember to keep their minds on work. I think everyone should take 5 full minutes and really dwell on it. Dwell on the horror of people you know losing their source of income, their future completely uncertain. Dwell on the fear of your own security. Know that nothing is secure, that everything is scary. Seriously, time it. 5 full minutes.

Alright, now that the 5 minutes is over. Stop. Focus on what you are doing. Leave all the fear and insecurity at the door. Feel confidence that things will get better (eventually). Do your work the best that you can. If you start to feel freaked again, give yourself permission to take a 5 minute break, but then focus and get back to it.

Failing that, watch this video…it is freakin’ adorable. My favorite part is the pure joy on the brides face as she walks down the aisle. Enjoy:


Letter to my cousin…(stupid work stress)

because I am fucking lazy; I have copied a letter to my cousin here instead of writing it as a new post.  I am aware that I am lame.
much love
hey cuz.  hopefully you are asleep.  Here is what is going on in my world.
1.  my mother has gone bankrupt.  her husband can’t find work and they are completely going under.  it is scary.
2.  my work is crazy crazed.
I’m on a goddamned precipice.
I am going to try to explain this quickly–my company (company name redacted) is blackballed here at the place redacted.  I don’t know what in the shit they did, it wasnt me.  A completely different department has pissed them the fuck off and now they have gotten rid of every other company name redacted employee but me.
that’s right, I am alone here.
Now, turns out the “higher ups” want me gone.  they want me gone because the evil stain of the beast (I mean, company name redacted) is upon me.
Ok. So, a high up taps a dude on the shoulder.  The dude has his own company.  The dude wants to hire me so that I can continue doing the work I am doing here, but with the high up approval.
Now, the dude is a nice dude–but we are talking a small company of 2 fucking people.
no health insurance.
So, here’s the question.  Do I want to do this?  Do I want to be brave (again) and chuck it all and live in a paradise?
Do I want to work with the dude and his brother.  making me a third.  The dude stated I had a lot to bring to the table.  See, the dude is nice.
I have had to be brave SO many times in my life.  I mean, like stupid brave.  Moving hither and yon, never finding a home until I got married and even that took a while.
Now I want to uproot again?
I am so on the fence here.
this could either be the best fucking move of my life…or the worst.

>Old woman and the stick…

>No, this is not a parabel. There is no deep meaning to this story. You will learn nothing.
This morning on my way to work going into Frederiksted there was a very old bow legged woman scuttled across the road. She grabbed a stick, turned around and prepared to scuttle back over the road. Seeing the woman was in a bit of a hurry, I slowed my beast of a truck to a halt and indicated that she should go ahead. She looked at me as if I were insane. Then looked away. I waited. She waited, staring in the other direction. I still waited, she waited. It was a waiting standoff which the old woman and the stick won. I drove slowly through the intersection. Then, I watched in my rearview mirror the old woman, scuttle very quickly with her stick back across the road.
I don’t know who or what that scuttling old woman intended to beat with that stick, but I feel bad for them–cause she was MEAN.