>Old woman and the stick…

>No, this is not a parabel. There is no deep meaning to this story. You will learn nothing.
This morning on my way to work going into Frederiksted there was a very old bow legged woman scuttled across the road. She grabbed a stick, turned around and prepared to scuttle back over the road. Seeing the woman was in a bit of a hurry, I slowed my beast of a truck to a halt and indicated that she should go ahead. She looked at me as if I were insane. Then looked away. I waited. She waited, staring in the other direction. I still waited, she waited. It was a waiting standoff which the old woman and the stick won. I drove slowly through the intersection. Then, I watched in my rearview mirror the old woman, scuttle very quickly with her stick back across the road.
I don’t know who or what that scuttling old woman intended to beat with that stick, but I feel bad for them–cause she was MEAN.

One thought on “>Old woman and the stick…

  1. >I had the exact same situation in my neighborhood and this old Ukrainian lady yelled at me "MOVE"! It's disheartening when old ladies can be such wenches… makes all the fairytales seem more believable.

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