Five frozen chickens, two steaks, one catnip and one squeaky toy, and a purple bucket please.

So, I was told about this store.  I heard it was a fun insanity of pet food store meets wholesale food distributers.  It was, and it was awesome.  My glee could barely be contained.  I spoke to the employee/manager/owner (?) and placed my meat order while wandering up and down aisles looking at a strange and wonderful mix of 8 gallon buckets of laundry soap, cat food, dog food, bird food tiny bottles of ketchup, and my nemesis of condiments-the premixed mustard and relish (it is NOT good and it IS different- blegh).  The best part of the experience was in the middle of it all were stacks of red garbage cans marked FOREIGN TRASH.  Thankfully, this was not some some scary racist display; it was yet another service this outfit provides to foreign oil tankers. And my “holy crap something else I never thought about before this moment” moment of the day. 
I like days which are not overly exciting; however please understand they don’t always lead to great writing material.

Gack. Snargle. Where does the time go?

I have no time.  And it is time I start making some. Since my bladder decided that unless I wanted a very wet bed I needed to WAKE UP RIGHT NOW–I am up.  Could have been sleeping soundly for a good 45 minutes more….but no….. I’m not bitter, why do you ask?
There are so many reasons I haven’t been updating as much as I used to, but none of them are good. Writing is calming for me; if there is one thing I could use, it’s some calm. 
If you are not on my face(palm)book you may not be aware of the shift in animals around my house.  Please allow me to update you (listed by age):
Teak (aka Doodle) – the most aged grumpy bastard in the world.  Same Doodle as always, wants toast, hates the world and wants it to ‘get off his lawn’. 
Life (aka Princapessa, aka Girla, aka Itchy-head) – same big girl as ever. 
Freckles (aka Frex; aka I didn’t name him; aka Oh, Freckles) – it is almost impossible to say his name without an “oh” in front of it.  Because he is klutzy, looooves to eat electronics, and is just a goofey-butt.  Doodle hates him with an extra measure of “get off my lawn”ishness. 
Pratchett – he is a cat and the only one to survive the scourge of George (foster dog who was kind of vicious. I tried; and failed).  What I learned after George was put down is that Pratchett was kind of a survivor and it is possible for cats to have PTSD. 
Phyllis – she is also a cat, and probably the only one I have ever really bonded with.  When I got her she was all creepy looking and had no fur on her bottom half.  From the top-tiny cute kitten; from the bottom creepy naked KILL IT WITH FIRE! something that looked more like a plucked chicken than kitten.  Thankfully her hair has grown back. A wee bit oddly, but back nonetheless. 

So, there be the animals.  They make up a majority of my life.  Recently I have begun feeding them all raw meat as opposed to kibble crap.  They are all apparently thriving and it has not been nearly as gross as it could be.  Although fish-head day left a LOT to be desired. 

This weekend I treated myself to 2 beach days.  This is some insanity; I left my house not once, but twice.  And I enjoyed it greatly.  Collected a bunch of sea glass, napped, chatted with friends.  Unfortunately at the end of Sunday’s relaxing day I accidentally crunched a hermit crab’s house.  I ran around searching for shells for him to choose from (much to everyone’s confusion and “its just a hermit crab” statements).  I just hope he is okay.  All I could think is ‘hurricane heather’ just crushed his house; least I could do is find him a new one. 

So, that’s all I have for now; time to get up and make the donuts (OMG I want a donut!!)