So. This day was epic. Like so epicly intensely bad that, well. Fuck. I can’t even get it out of my head.
I shall write this up tomorrow.
Love to you all.

>Stupid Bussy


It’s been a hella busy week..


Been missing chatting with you, but with 2 computers for 14 people its hard to get on here and do anything other than work..


Any way


Hope things are ok for you, I really do..




somethings about me…

It is much easier to earn my love than my trust. And once trust is earned and then lost again–it doesn’t seem to come back.
This just came to me when I was sending out some good morning texts. I sent “love” in a couple of them, but when I got to some old cast members who “done me wrong” I just didn’t feel love, more caring/understanding but no love.
It was an odd revelation.

Good morning ya’ll.


>If you were a fly on the wall you would have heard this conversation in my house this weekend:

Me: “Honey, there is a toad in the shower, I’m tagging you in on this one because I am way to hungover to deal with toad urine. Greebo must have brought it in to taste more purple. Additionally I recommend grabbing the empty Wendy’s cup to trap it to take back outside because it has a good depth while still able to cover the top with your hand.”

Him: “yeah, we should get some disposable cups so we can save the live things easier.”

Me: ~face in pillow~ “mmmpha” (roughly translated—good idea, I need to die now)