>Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi.
I've been taking sudafed for the last couple of days and I'm pretty sure I'm reacting as if it were meth. I feel excessively tweaky. In fact, I was just in the bathroom wondering why I was so paranoid. So I sat down and thought for a minute and slowly I remembered about the sudafed and how it makes me basically twitch mentally and physically.
Something else I noticed in the bathroom. Windex says it has a new "powerized" formula. And yet when I make up words folks mock me.
Additionally this sudafed makes me think in lists. Lists of things I notice. List of thoughts I have. List list list. Yet, I don't write them down. So, basically a useless gift.
Love ya'll
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>Remember when I could use the internet?

>Hello? World? So, the power has been consistently on for a good 24 hours (total progress) however I still have no cell service of any kind and no wifi. Having spent a solid hour contacting the various companies to see if they had a projected time…well, they all just laughed so I'm thinking it's gonna be a while.

And the rain. Hooo-doggie, the rain. Bright side-cisterns have got to be full. Downside-I'm a wee bit clammy as is everything I own.

Additionally I am sad to say nothing funny has happened the past couple of days. Oh…hold on. Okay, so last night there was a fire (it happens) and therefore my boss and sarcastic co-worker were called in (I'm totally 3rd string; I don't even have bunker gear. No lie-I WANT to be a first responder but shit-first I need to get hired). So this morning the office was filled with my sarcastic coworkers wet bunker gear. I didn't care, it needs to dry somewhere. So what if we looked like some insane laundry service. So we were starting to get looks and the boss wanders in and tells us to go check out a newly emptied office because it's bigger.

We are totally moving. 🙂 we now get to hide in the back. So, although I'm pretty sure they are just hiding the crazy people in the back office, the new digs should suit us (and all our crap) pretty well.

Have a great night ya'll!


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Dear Blog…

Dear Blog,
Well. Fuck. Now what? I know what I WANT to do, however it’s the execution leaves me floundering.
Alright, here’s a little update on my life.
#1. Still warring with my cunt of a neighbor. It’s more of a cold war. I’m not actively doing anything except loathing in her general direction.
#2. I have NO service of any sort at my house. AT&T, Sprint, and internet are down. Lightning, torrential downpours, and other associated island problems contributed to locking me on island with no way to reach the outside world.
#3. I don’t want to hurt him. But he doesn’t want me. He loves me–Gods does he love me. He loves me and it is almost him searching for the maternal love he didn’t have as a child. Since he has been here we have had fun, laughed, worked, etc. Yet he has also (in an attempt to shut me up about asking for more lust in my life) gone bat shit crazy, hurt himself, cried, etc.
It is not all bad, but it ain’t good either.

And lastly
#4. ~whimper~ I Never get to cum anymore. 😦 I’m turning into a shell of my lusty self.

Alright. Love ya’ll.

>O. M. G.

>I'm on Survivor STX.

Or so it feels. My Wifi is down, both Sprint and AT&T phone service is down (on the west side of the island), roads are flooded, my power has been more out than on, bedroom roof is dribbling water as if there is a sieve instead of a roof, and the bathroom is just straight pouring in through the (supposed) ceiling.

There isn't a hurricane…just a tropical storm that is probably going to turn into a hurricane after it passes by us.

*giant freaking grin*

I still love it here though.

And before you ask, no, I don't even officially HAVE a job here. Just still pounding along as an independent. The hard part is most of the time I feel like I work for "the company". But, have a big one-on-one meeting with the new director on thursday. I awkwardly asked my current boss if it was appropriate for me to ask (beg, whine, you know…) the new director about hiring me. Both the sarcastic co-worker and my boss looked at me as if I were insane and said (I'm paraphrasing here), "uh. yeah. That's what the meeting should be about you dumbass".

So. Its still raining. I still have no way to post this. But I will send it tomorrow.

Love ya'll.



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>Nothing of import….

>1. Someone walked into my office today and said, "someday, the earth is going to open up and swallow this refinery into the bowels of hell, and I will be like, what…what was in the virgin islands?…." then left. I've had days like that, but never been that eloquent.

2. Can I ship a coconut from the virgin islands?

I honestly don't know. Maybe….

3. Remember the story of the rat? If I were smart I would link that post to this post, however I usually write these from my phone so I am not that savvy. Anywhoodle, the basic plotline was at one point my apartment had a rat trundle through the living room in the middle of the night and the dogs didn't care. So off the the animal shelter I went and got Greebo the hellcat. He. Kills. Everything. And haven't seen anything since. So today I got home and the husband told me he found a dead rat under the fridge. He had noticed Greebo staring at the fridge and, well, that lead to an investigation and he found a dead rat. I asked him, "did the rat die of poison?".

He replied, "uh, no…it had a hole in it."

"Good Kitty." I said.

Glad to know he is earning his wet food. Doubly glad I didn't have to deal with any of the ick.

Alright. That's all I have for this exciting friday evening of television. 😀



>Well. Today was eeenteresting.

Got to work after being out sick yesterday (hey, cut me some slack, I worked some from home and felt like boiled hell) found out I had a meeting in 2 hours that I was supposed to lead.


Then my boss indicates (tells) me that sometimes I am all over the place in meetings and that is okay cause it is part of my style. (Yes people….ADD can be a style, oooooh shiny, what's that, wait, what?) But maybe this meeting I should have an agenda.


All in all I had a pretty good day. A wee bit hectic, but I'm getting better at prioritizing.

I certainly have grown up, matured, no, wait, better description…gotten old in the last year. I realized while searching in vain (boss found a copy-so all was not lost) for an email sent about 15 months ago that I had a certain immaturity to my emails which, while adorable AND hoolarious (to me), probably wasn't appreciated by everyone. *shrugs*

Interesting sidenote: I no longer cower in fear in regards to upper management. So, that's a plus. I am calling that a win for tonight and going to bed.

Additionally, just to give ya'll a mental image of my maturity level, in today's meeting I pointed at the man who claimed he didn't receive the email I sent 15 months ago and said, "I CALL SHENNANIGANS ON THAT, SIR!".

Hell. At least I didn't say bullshit.

Maturing here people. Every. Freakin'. Day.