Dear Blog…

Dear Blog,
Well. Fuck. Now what? I know what I WANT to do, however it’s the execution leaves me floundering.
Alright, here’s a little update on my life.
#1. Still warring with my cunt of a neighbor. It’s more of a cold war. I’m not actively doing anything except loathing in her general direction.
#2. I have NO service of any sort at my house. AT&T, Sprint, and internet are down. Lightning, torrential downpours, and other associated island problems contributed to locking me on island with no way to reach the outside world.
#3. I don’t want to hurt him. But he doesn’t want me. He loves me–Gods does he love me. He loves me and it is almost him searching for the maternal love he didn’t have as a child. Since he has been here we have had fun, laughed, worked, etc. Yet he has also (in an attempt to shut me up about asking for more lust in my life) gone bat shit crazy, hurt himself, cried, etc.
It is not all bad, but it ain’t good either.

And lastly
#4. ~whimper~ I Never get to cum anymore. 😦 I’m turning into a shell of my lusty self.

Alright. Love ya’ll.

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