There is a magnetic board in the building where my office is located which has everyone’s name on it and the ability to say if you are in/out, on vacation, out of refinery, etc.
Today I stared at that board and wished there was a ‘losing her shit’ magnet.
I’m pretty funny, but the emotions I’ve been going through lately have been very real, very painful, and extremely time consuming.
And exhausting.
And distracting.

However, I’m not going to dwell on the minutiae of a large life change in such a public forum; believe it or not–i am growing some boundaries. Just be understanding that if you are one of the affected parties that I sometimes sob myself to sleep, sometimes fall into unexpectedly dangerous emotional potholes where I was fine one second and the next I am staring at something we shared causing me to dissolve in pain. I am mourning the death of a marriage; and it is not easy, even if it is the right decision.
Be patient with me; I will update as often as I can. And I will even try to be funny. 🙂

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vacations oooover :(

Well, hell. I don’t know. I’m about to enter my “post vacation depression”. That time when all of your responsibilities which you have put out of your mind start to land on you. I watched a movie today, one of those depressing ones, caused me to sob like the world is ending.
I’ve now lost 2 cats. Greebo and Pierce. I can’t keep thinking about it or I sob again. They just disappeared.
Ugh. So, yeah. Been a crappy day so far…probably not helped by a raging bladder infection caused by ongoing dehydration.
I need to find someone with a kink towards making me drink water. :/
I’ll be fine, antibiotics will kick in soon(ish).
Kisses and hugs to all (fighting not to rhyme this with something lame like “my thugs” *face/palm*)