vacations oooover :(

Well, hell. I don’t know. I’m about to enter my “post vacation depression”. That time when all of your responsibilities which you have put out of your mind start to land on you. I watched a movie today, one of those depressing ones, caused me to sob like the world is ending.
I’ve now lost 2 cats. Greebo and Pierce. I can’t keep thinking about it or I sob again. They just disappeared.
Ugh. So, yeah. Been a crappy day so far…probably not helped by a raging bladder infection caused by ongoing dehydration.
I need to find someone with a kink towards making me drink water. :/
I’ll be fine, antibiotics will kick in soon(ish).
Kisses and hugs to all (fighting not to rhyme this with something lame like “my thugs” *face/palm*)

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