Raw feeding….


Good morning world.  Lately, even though I’ve been under some stress, I’ve been doing okay.  Surviving anyway.  Have some stressful work decisions to make soon, but what will be will be.
I’ve switched my beasties to a raw meat diet.  Not suggesting anyone else do it, but after much research it is right for us. 
Please enjoy the imagry of “tuna-head day”. 🙂

I live here

So, I live in the VI. I don’t know what I find more disturbing, my day…or the fact that it didn’t seem weird til now.
First, gave a local the stink eye and a snarky “good morning” when he didnt good morning the gas station. He received a pleasant smile when he apologized for his rudeness. Most of this conversation was done with body language. Spent the day playing which project is most urgent. One highlight was I got to see my boss laughing at my comment to a friend as I ran down the hall. (comment was: I don’t care who you are, if you whisper over the radio you sound like a perv!) I like making people laugh.
I give up on accomplishing anything at 5:30 and head home, stopping at subway. It was apparently crack head day at subway and after being asked for money twice I headed to the grocery store after eating my sammich of course. Where I enjoyed having the what does rapid air monitoring mean (i have fancy new covealls). After listening to the grocery lady’s newest drama I headed home.
I was handing out tonights dog food and there was an extra dog. Huh? Wait…what? Well hello tiny brown and white dog….
That’s when I realized….shit be weird.