>Sorry I missed WTF Friday. My whole life is sort of in WTF at the moment. In all honestly I kind of forgot it was friday yesterday. In theory I have tomorrow off, but we are still waiting on the official answer on that (which means I am at work).

I had a moment of intense rage yesterday at my landlord; admittedly the rage may have been disproportionate to the actual transgression, but still.
Yesterday morning I get a fwd'd email from him regarding his attempt to take over my internet account. The good folks at broadband vi said, uh. we need to hear from her, jackass. Now I remember in pre-turnaround when he asked me if I would be willing to do something similar with the internet as he did for cable. I distinctly recall rolling my eyes and saying sure. But right now, well, I ain't making any changes until this T/A is over (today is day 11 of 38). So about 2 minutes after the fwd'd email I get a phone call, now my location during this phone call is AN EXPLOSION PROOF (its explosion proof, my ass!) trailer in the middle of the busiest I have ever been. I ignore the call. Thanks to the wonderful people at youmail.com all my voicemails are transcribed and sent to me as text messages. His message stated: call me as soon as you can. I sent him an email saying I wouldn't be available until Sunday, maybe. He replied: to call me back or to take care of the broadband. I ignored this message. An hour later another call. This time the voicemail was unclear and couldn't be transcribed. I replied to him again and brought out the bitch tone–I am AT work. Cannot talk. Either leave a clear message or send me an email because your urgent and my urgent are very different.
Seriously, my inner concise bitch has been brought to the forefront these days. My hesitation to be loud at meetings has ended completely and now I'm a table pounding fool like the rest. It has been Totally awesome. 🙂
So obviously as soon as I got home and let the beasts out the landlord comes lumbering over. I enjoyed my 5 minutes of pretending to stop the dogs from barking at him (they know when I'm serious). Then he told me he had new tenants moving into the main house. Mmmkay. Whatever.
Then he told me the clincher. They have a kid.
Well. Hell. One of the reasons I stayed at this apartment was that I didn't want to live near kids. Some kids I adore. Some I really don't. Its on a kid by kid basis. So, we shall see.
So, onto work drama. The Lady (of the lady and the dude aka interlopers) did not get sent home. *shrugs* she did get the talking to and has apparently stepped up her game. So that's good.
The dude is working out good in the field. So that's cool.
But he said something to me that I didn't know how to take. Ready? Okay. He said…."Heather, you are a rough girl." To which I said, "uh, thanks?"
"No, I mean, you are more like a guy. Its weird. You speak your mind and don't take shit. You're just, well, different."
I thought, yup, I've been told I'm different before. But to the dude I said,
"Ronnie, I'm just mean. Now get back to work and if you tell me to calm down again I'm going to punch you in the throat!" 😉

Oh, and I had my most recent performance review. It took place in the corridor in front of my lab from 16:30 to 16:36. It consisted of me asking my boss, "hey boss, do I suck?"
He said, "No! You are great. I really like how you work and you are doing a great job. And I'm not just saying that cause you asked."
I said, "cool, you're a good boss too."
He said, "I'm surprised you say that since I just told you that you're working all weekend"
I shrugged and replied, " I knew what I was signing on to."
So. Have a great weekend folks!


>In my continued theme of "I'm so tired I aint gonna make it" blogging here are today's 3 items of note:

1. I'm sunburnt in a very attractive 'coverall' way. You know, face and neck are red. It's sexy. :/

2. If someone tells me to 'calm down' I am 85% more likely to punch them in the throat.

3. I'm pretty sure Tweedle-dum (aka the Lady) is getting the ole' heeve ho out the refinery.

4. I find if you tell someone, "sir, I find you racist and unpleasant. Please don't talk like that around me" they tend to fear and loathe you a LOT more.

5. When my boss has an extremely nice and sweet toned voice during a conversation with someone else I fear for that person's life. It means he's trying Extra hard to not explode. Not that I've ever Seen him explode, it's just that I'm working directly with him a Lot more cause I'm working days and I'm learning him.

My Favorite thing is when my boss gets all spun up and angry. My least favorite thing is when he looks at me when I'm all spun up and angry with a look that says I'm too spun up. Although to give him credit he has NEVER told me to calm down.

Okay. That's it.

Now sleep then tomorrow more exciting adventures of "pray we don't blow up; wtf is wrong now; wtf is wrong with these people; where the hell did night shift move my equipment".

Gnite folks!


>Its just after 6pm and I’m home. I left here about 12 hours ago. After letting out the raging beasts and letting in the yowling feline I’m sitting. And sitting is good.
Here are the items I’ve taken out of my pockets:
-5 empty earplug wrappers
-my wallet
-assorted pens, sharpies, and screwdrivers.
-leather gloves
-an empty chemical resistant glove wrapper with some used pH paper in it (pH of 3 if your the curious type)
-a paper cone cup; squished.
-a smoke alarm cover which was red and said *Remove from Alarm After Trailer is Occupied* I sat in a meeting with 20+ safety professionals in said trailer, none of them saw that. (This fills me with horror btw; but then again sometimes I’m also that stupid *shrugs*)

After I took off my coveralls I found I was wearing 3 sets of earplugs around my neck. The random thought was where did the other 2 pairs go?

My life has become about the Turnaround. It is both boring and exciting. Thrilling and horrifying and exhausting and angering and I still love it.
I’m tired.
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