>Good Morning it's Whatever I Want Wednesday!

I am Oh So Sleepy. I did that thing all night where I would wake up and look at my watch. Why you ask?, well. Because I needed to be in the plant around 5 to make some equipment go. And now its going and all I want to do is curl up and go sleepy-bye. πŸ™‚ Methinks today may be an early day for Heather.

And I gotta tell ya. Watching little lights turn from green to yellow over and over again does not make for perkiness.

So. I have some news on the Heather's Ever Expanding Butt – front. (Okay, sidenote: that was pretty funny–butt-front. *snicker* I need more sleep)

Alright. Back to the ass-expansion. So, I was out for a friend's birthday Sunday. Was having a good time and chatting to yet another friend. Turns out his dream in life is to be a personal trainer. I raised an eyebrow and asked, wanna practice on me? Apparently Yes. Yes he does. <Insert happy Snoopy Dance here>

Personally, I have no motivation to actually work out. None at all. I don't understand walking if I'm not going somewhere, I've always found running painful (Ack! Flashback: trying out for wrestling team in HS and bra came unhooked as I ran the mile *shudder*) and in all honestly should there ever be someone or something chasing me I'm much better off fighting than running. I love Yoga, but again, it's that whole getting off my butt and actually going thing. I feel great when I actually do it. *shrugs* the couch is a mighty vortex.

So. Anywhoodle, I now have a personal trainer who see's me daily at work. And Holy Hell did I get the hairy eyeball as I ordered a chicken sandwich and fries for lunch yesterday. He told me to enjoy it, cause it was my last one. Then he hollered…and get some fruit!

*big cheezy grin* Love It!

Guess my days of slack-assery are at an end.

YAY! Sometimes I miss rough and tough me so it will be good to see her again. πŸ™‚

Anywhoodle, have a great Wednesday. I'm still caffeinating; but soon that should kick in.



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