>O. M. G.
Oh. My. Flippin' Gawd.
I come out to the trailer to deploy some equipment. The 'interlopers' aka the lady and the dude aka tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee were not there. Nope. Not there.
Well. SURELY they will be back soon. SURELY. So. I wait 15 minutes. Then I call over the radio….tweedles? Hello, tweedles?
'Go for Tweedles'
Hey. This is Heather. I'm at the trailer. 'Oh. Uh. Oh. Okay. Um. Be there in, um, a minute'
Mmmmmkay. I think.
They finally arrived and informed me that they had had to tinkle. Yes. They use the term TINKLE.
Oh Goodie — Euphemisms.
This day ain't gonna end. Seriously.

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