There is a large amount of stupid in this world. We all know this, but as I lay here staring at a big white page where my blog post is supposed to go while my left hip throbs and I am forced to listen to the dreadful hold music provided by the American Airlines which is intermittently interrupted by a very nice woman apologizing profusely before putting me back on hold. I don’t know which is worse–the music or the poor lady repeatedly apologizing. The hip you ask? ah yes…despite everyone in my life believing my injured hip is a Fancy Sex Injury it is, in fact, a stupid Holy Shit I Am So Out Of Shape I Bent Over Sideways To Pick Up A Ball OW OW Fuck My Life I’m So Old I Broke Myself In A Stupid Way injury. I kind of wish it was a Fancy Sex Injury, at least it would be a better story; maybe something involving rigging…..anyway, sorry, kinda got lost there but then I moved and OW! I remembered I am apparently too broken to play fucking fetch with my dog let alone be adventurous without some form of stretching before hand.

Holy Crap; I’m off hold! Time to pay for a work flight change which will make my boss ever so grumpy.


Well, that’s different.

So I’ve been living alone for years. I think it was a damn good thing for me to have had that time where I didn’t have anyone to really fall back on. Don’t get me wrong, there were literally times I thought I was going to die (dengue, diabetes complications, etc.) but I learned so much about how resilient and capable I can be.
So, I’m not alone anymore and despite Herbert (service dog) having some issues (HOW DARE YOU KISS FoodLady’s HEAD INTERLOPER! I KILL YOU!) settling in, it feels wonderful. We fit. I don’t believe I understood before now how loving someone was not enough to live with someone; you have to work with each other and not around each other. I had never experienced the difference and holy crap, what a difference! I am not used to having help and help is a good thing.   Yesterday I reveived the unwelcome news that someone I used to work with had passed away. My initial reaction was to bury the pain because I “have company”. Thankfully my partner/love knew better and didn’t let me bury it. Instead, he kept me company on the bed while we listened to an audio book about zombies (he.HATES.zombies) and let me deal with the sads in my own way. He keeps reminding me that he is home by doing stuff around the house (dishes, laundry) and I am learning to let him help.
So, this is a weird new chapter in my life, but thus far it is wonderful and satisfying one.
Wish me luck. 😉