>Hurricane Earl Rated: meh.

>So, I did it! I made it through my first hurricane. It was suprisingly…meh.
No power, high winds, leaking roof. But it is the same place it always leaks so ya know, no biggie. I had candles and read with a headlamp. I got fancy around 5PM and made myself a tuna melt…then early to bed and finished my book.
It was fine.
I still didn’t have power when I left for work this morning; but that is still nothing too major.
Anyway, I shall update more later; for now just wanted ya’ll to know I am good; pets are good; island is good.
Phone service is still spotty, internet really only works here at work.


>Late last week my boss, looking a bit shell shocked, tramped into mine and Sarcasmo's office to inform us that the turnaround which was supposed to be minor (4 thingies) had turned into a major turnaround (around 12 thingies) and that the gods that be over said turnaround expect industrial hygiene support. Sarcasmo and I gasped audibly. (Actually, I made that up–we sat their and nodded intelligently and asked sedate questions).

I've been trying to think about this but in all honesty my brain keeps re-booting with a disturbing *THUNK*. Almost 6 weeks *THUNK*, of 10-12 hours per day *THUNK*, 6-7 days per week *THUNK*, and it looks like I'll be on nights *THUNK*, I don't get any extra $ or time off for this *THUNK, THUNK, FAN STOPS, MUST REBOOT*

There is not much to do except knuckle under and do it. Ugh. This post is bringing me down. 🙂

Here is something adorable, ready? So you all know my disturbingly psychopathic cat Greebo, correct? Well, he kills, he maims, he destroys, he yowls, and last night–he sneezed. And it was Freaking Adorable. It was a delicate fragile sounding "pi-chu" and it made me laugh uproariously. I then picked him up and called him my little cuddle-umpkins until he was so angry he jumped down, smacked the crap out of the dog, and stomped out of the house to go rape and kill some rainforest fauna. My widdle cuddle-umpkins. 🙂


Very little of smut noteworthiness has happened of late. Although I have a giant list of things I want to write about.
Yet sadly have had no time to write.
We have a couple of hurricanes out at sea and it looks like they shall swing north of us.
Anywhoodle, just stopping in to say hi!
(Uh. Hi)
And now back to work.

Welp, that’s a gusher…

So…I’m alone again.


So, the first few weeks he was here were horrible. Like, epic horror lifetime movie network bad. First I wanted his giant sweaty ass out of my space. Then he went into full Asshole land and I was seriously concerned my ass was going to get beat. And he broke all of my plates. I was fucking pissed about that. There was actually a moment when I recall thinking—omg—I am going to be a battered spouse, how the fuck did that happen?!?

Then things calmed down; then we got back into a rhythm and things were not too bad. Then when I dropped him at the airport I was sad. Like weary-sad. Then I focused on work got a report that has been looming over my head for four fucking months out of the way. Then I felt pretty damn good. Called Bear to wish him a smutty happy birthday; got into bed and played over webcam with Demon and had my fourth squirting orgasm ever. Then had a phone sex date with a friend we shall call Tattoo and now my slutty ass is going to bed while avoiding the wet spot.

Do I have any idea what is going on in my head and heart? Nope.

Will I ever? I assume at some point maybe I will know…

Am I doomed (blessed) to live in the moment—fully enjoying every touch/taste/scent? Gods I hope so.

Goodnight ya’ll,

Avoid the wetspot.