>Crunch! Squish! Eww!

>”Crunch, Squish, “Eww”!” has been felt/heard around this apartment quite often in the last few weeks. Millipedes have been all over. As you may or may not be aware I often catch and release insects and other critters, not because I’m concerned about their welfare but more the “squish” factor. The larger the body of the insect the ickier it is to squish em. So, when a giant tree cockroach comes sauntering into the house I am much more likely to capture it and send it outside. So, these (damn) Gungalas (millipedes) are EVERYWHERE and my feet are tattooed with imprints from their poor sad little squished bodies. Their ichor tends to stain which lasts a little over a week. The sensation of unintentionally crushing an exoskeleton with the accompanying squelch is not something I wish for anyone.

There is no real point to this post except that every stupid time I step on a stupid millipede I think, “I really need to write about this”.
So I did.
Anyway, all is well, things are going good. Been busy, but busy is good.
Love ya’ll

>…everyone hold hands…

>Today was interesting. Actually this whole week has been interesting.

This week began the yearly "asbestos refresher training". I actually enjoy taking time and getting to know all the insulators. It makes my job smoother throughout the year and they are a fun group of dudes.

Well, this year we are getting a whole new crop of asbestos insulators. They are training all week (as opposed to refresher training which is usually just a day). On Monday during my Asbestos Supervisor Refresher training the power went out in the refinery. I took that time to go and chatter with the new asbestos insulators. Talked about their concerns and spent time joking with them. It was easier talking to a room full of people in the pitch dark and I had WAY too much fun calling them on their random double standards regarding women. 🙂

So, today I stopped in to check on training progress and got put on the spot by the instructor–can we visit your lab?

Uh. Okay. FIELD TRIP!!!!

So I go over there and the 20 insulators follow in A YELLOW SCHOOL BUS.

Grown men. School bus.

Then they all tried to crowd into the tiny lab. I explained we were going to have to do this one at a time. I showed them all what it looks like under the microscope and it was fun. They were excited to be there. Loved learning.

Then I had to rush off to a different training session where there is one lady I want to backhand as she is snotty.

So, I'm pretty sure today is as close is I ever wanna get to being a teacher.


Now remember the buddy system on your next field trip!


>Essential Truths of Heather


Okay, here is a bunch of crap I have had in my phone to try to flesh out into full blog postings. Obviously, that system ain’t working so here you go. My insanely lame notes on my life. 🙂
  • only if I pick at a scab in a visible location (i.e. face) will my boss or some other important official person show up as I try to staunch what immediately seems to be arterial bleeding.
  • there is never enough diet coke
  • there are never enough jumpring keychains. They are insanely useful and everyone should spend a dollar and get 5 at the hardware store.
  • Always keep duct tape in your car. Seriously. Then, when you have no rope and someone tied something up there that isn’t going to stay ~coughmattresscough~ you can fold the duct tape together and make rope and ACTUALLY tie stuff down.
  • Amtrak will never stop sending me emails.

>I Ain’t Dead!!

>Sorry, I know it’s been a while. I don’t have an excuse but I can honestly say I wasn’t feeling overly funny or even overly happy for that matter. Thankfully I am over it. 🙂 Turns out I had an infection I had been fighting for a while and a magical z-pack pilfered from an unauthorized source has put me back into my normal sarcastic pain in the ass happy mood. 🙂

Now, I am NOT suggesting anyone take non-prescribed drugs however if your choice is a slightly expired full course of antibiotics you have taken in the past with no problems or a doctors appointment in 3 weeks…well, we all make our choices.
So, what’s been happening with Heather? You guessed it. Not flippin’ much. I recently started a new campaign called “make some damn friends”. Which surprisingly step one of such a program was “leave. my. couch”. Well, let’s just say, that was freakin’ exhausting.
Although I do have some lovely friend prospects and I have really made myself known at a certain beer drinking pig bar. Apparently (ahahahahahaha) they thought I was really shy because I always read a book. Well, one afternoon I was all in a mood and telling stories and showing pictures and….well, uh, yeah, now they know the real me. 🙂
My boss is on vacation. So are a few other high up folks at the refinery. This has caused me to fully believe in magic because every single day last week SOMETHING happened. So, I think my sarcastic co-worker and myself have decided that our boss is never allowed to leave island again.
So, that’s about it. The dogs are doing well, the cat keeps killing things and leaving them in the shower for me–so that’s nice. I turned on the air conditioning this weekend because I had so much indoor typing to do. So all the animals are laid out in the stream of the cold-maker with serious day long napping. 🙂
love and hugs to everyone!

and blegh.




you ever have so much to do your head wants to implode?  and nothing you need to do appeals to you to do?  Like, you will scrub your house from top to bottom to avoid doing it, and clean, polish, re-oil, and refinish the majority of your knife collection?

yeah.  that was my day.  accomplishing a lot of stuff that didn’t need to be done and a whole big ass pile of stuff that needs to be done still sitting there.

But thankfully these days I have a Demon to keep me on track here.  Even if I don’t feel like writing he bemoans regular porn for my musings.  🙂  Flattering as hell.  Meanwhile my “g-rated” blog is suffering because, well, people don’t really wanna read “so, work is hard, the island is fucking small, I miss taco bell, and no I still don’t know why my “husband” hasn’t moved here yet”.

Anywhoodle, love all ya’ll.