>…everyone hold hands…

>Today was interesting. Actually this whole week has been interesting.

This week began the yearly "asbestos refresher training". I actually enjoy taking time and getting to know all the insulators. It makes my job smoother throughout the year and they are a fun group of dudes.

Well, this year we are getting a whole new crop of asbestos insulators. They are training all week (as opposed to refresher training which is usually just a day). On Monday during my Asbestos Supervisor Refresher training the power went out in the refinery. I took that time to go and chatter with the new asbestos insulators. Talked about their concerns and spent time joking with them. It was easier talking to a room full of people in the pitch dark and I had WAY too much fun calling them on their random double standards regarding women. πŸ™‚

So, today I stopped in to check on training progress and got put on the spot by the instructor–can we visit your lab?

Uh. Okay. FIELD TRIP!!!!

So I go over there and the 20 insulators follow in A YELLOW SCHOOL BUS.

Grown men. School bus.

Then they all tried to crowd into the tiny lab. I explained we were going to have to do this one at a time. I showed them all what it looks like under the microscope and it was fun. They were excited to be there. Loved learning.

Then I had to rush off to a different training session where there is one lady I want to backhand as she is snotty.

So, I'm pretty sure today is as close is I ever wanna get to being a teacher.


Now remember the buddy system on your next field trip!


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