>Essential Truths of Heather


Okay, here is a bunch of crap I have had in my phone to try to flesh out into full blog postings. Obviously, that system ain’t working so here you go. My insanely lame notes on my life. 🙂
  • only if I pick at a scab in a visible location (i.e. face) will my boss or some other important official person show up as I try to staunch what immediately seems to be arterial bleeding.
  • there is never enough diet coke
  • there are never enough jumpring keychains. They are insanely useful and everyone should spend a dollar and get 5 at the hardware store.
  • Always keep duct tape in your car. Seriously. Then, when you have no rope and someone tied something up there that isn’t going to stay ~coughmattresscough~ you can fold the duct tape together and make rope and ACTUALLY tie stuff down.
  • Amtrak will never stop sending me emails.

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