Snoring. Or Vacation Days 1 & 2…

Why? Why is there snoring?  Why?! In what way was sleeping loudly an evolutionary advantage? Wouldn’t you have thought all the snoring genes would have been eaten back when we were hunter/gatherer types? 
And how is it I can happily sleep next to a dog snoring but a human snoring next to me fills me with annoyance and wakefulness. 
I just….I just don’t get it. 
So. Since I’m awake anyway I feel as if I should share my vacation updates. Nothing too exciting. Slept through Sunday with lots of snuggling. It was so freaking cold. Then, monday I spent time with my sister and great niece and then visited my mom & stepdad. It’s still freaking cold.
Okay. May need to poke the snorer to get him flipped over.
I am so tired.
Wish me luck.