>Okay. So the turnaround is mostly over, to celebrate such a feat I attended dinner with some wonderful folks. *sigh* I'm going to miss them all (except for the 2 wonderful folks who live here, them I will see more of). Anywhoodle. Here's what I learned tonight.
1. Drinking is good except after turnarounds when you can't get to that relaxed state. *shrugs* although I tried.
2. Random horses on the side of the road here REALLY like Kashi granola bars. I had 2 new best friends and since the one horse was still a baby I was all "wanna take him home and make him my horse I promise I'll walk him and love him and hug him and I shall name him George".
So. Not too bad all things considered. Today, I had a great meal with great people and then on the way home I got to feed horses. And then when I arrived home my dogs smelled the horses and looked at me with a 'what the HELL' face which I always find funny.
Goodnight all!

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