>Happy Holidays!!!

>Well, here I am in the limbo between Christmas (Yule) and New Years–my bed is full of un-made cardboard boxes, I have a new (bigger) set of luggage, and have the airline rules memorized (for example, it is $15 for the 1st checked bag, $25 for the 2nd, and $100 for the 3rd (I’m only bringing 2) It costs $150 for the dog that is going as checked baggage and that doesn’t count as one of my bags and my service animal’s backpack does not count as a carry-on) I think I could work as a travel agent after this one.

I have completed my timesheets but I still have a few things to wrap up at the office, I also have to meet with my mother-in-law for lunch, get the travel certificates for the dogs, pack up the shipments that will be sent after I leave, refill some prescriptions, find the tv remote (okay, this has nothing to do with STX but it is driving both my husband and I NUTS…), find my tea strainer (this has to be shipped :o) ), and figure out if we are going out for New Years Eve.

Whoooo-Hooo!!! My husband just found the remote!!! Don’t know why it was upstairs but I have been fairly certain elves have been moving our stuff around for a while now. 🙂 Okay, that’s one thing done on the list.

I fly out on January 2nd at 8:30 AM from O’Hare Airport on American Airlines. Think of me on Friday, I will not have a chance to write until I get internet up and running at the house. And since things there are on island time…well, that will probably not be quick.

Hugs to all, I will update as soon as I can!

>My car and my goodbyes…

> Okay, I have some St. Croix news, I know what kind of car I will be driving. I am quite excited! I have never had a new car before. Okay, so it is not mine, and I only get it for the year I am there–but gosh darn it, I am still excited. I don’t know what color it will be but it is a Mazda Tribute which per the internet looks like this…

I said goodbye to some of my co-workers who I will not see for at least a year. I started to get all teary-eyed and sniffly. I have spent the last 4 years with these people, some of whom I have worked with closely and many of whom have become very good friends. Awww hell, I am getting misty just thinking about it. Gosh darn it, some of you better come visit me!
I am having a going away party this Saturday at my friend Eileen’s house, I am looking forward to the party, but I am already getting soppy about the saying goodbye. Also, I will be in Ohio next week to say goodbye to my family…I bet I will be a’sobbin then too.

I hope everyone has a happy holiday!!!!


>For anyone caring to visit who does not find my futon/fold out couch to be the best place on the island (although why anyone would not want to wake up with my 115lb service animal spooned up next to them I do not know, her breath isn’t too bad…) there are a suprising number of other options. The hotel closest (although there isn’t too much that far away on an island) to me is called the Carambola. This is a stunning hotel basically in the middle of nowhere next to the best beaches.
Note bene: there is NO cell phone reception at this hotel as of last year (when we were there), in fact, my coworker used to have to drive down the mountain to take his calls. There is a certain beauty in being unreachable.
No, don’t worry, I will be reachable. 🙂 🙂 🙂


>21 days remaining…

>A mere 3 weeks before I leave my cozy little home in Chicago. It is almost overwhelming. Today, however I had a disturbing flash of reality–there was a slight contract hiccup (resolved now) which almost cancelled or at the least postponed my island adventure. Thankfully it is still going forward but it certainly makes me wary of feeling too secure.

My next 21 days are filled with meeting up with friends and family before I leave including going home for the holidays. My days have become filled with packing, wrapping up loose ends, making plans, and endless other craziness.

This weekend I have 3 close friends coming to visit, I am very excited to see them, in fact, I am going to run home and finish up the guest room before they arrive.
Have a good night everyone, and I will update more soon!

>time flies!

>My calendar is filling up rapidly, and as of today I only have 23 days until I leave (eek!). I have packed 2 Rubbermaid totes full of clothes ready to ship, I have a place to live, I have a way of getting the pets down there, in theory a car has been ordered, and I am now just trying to survive the holidays before I get out of town.
I will be in Ohio visiting family from the 22nd through the 25th of December and staying with my sister. I am looking forward to seeing everyone before I disappear into the tropics for a year or so.
I hope everyone is having fun before the holidays, in case you are wondering what I am up to in this glamorous life of mine the answer is LAUNDRY. Pounds and pounds and pounds of laundry. I do not know how it all piles up, but it does. So, between now and when I leave when I am not running around seeing friends and family I will be in my basement, washing load after load. *sigh*

Take care!!!