and blegh.




you ever have so much to do your head wants to implode?  and nothing you need to do appeals to you to do?  Like, you will scrub your house from top to bottom to avoid doing it, and clean, polish, re-oil, and refinish the majority of your knife collection?

yeah.  that was my day.  accomplishing a lot of stuff that didn’t need to be done and a whole big ass pile of stuff that needs to be done still sitting there.

But thankfully these days I have a Demon to keep me on track here.  Even if I don’t feel like writing he bemoans regular porn for my musings.  🙂  Flattering as hell.  Meanwhile my “g-rated” blog is suffering because, well, people don’t really wanna read “so, work is hard, the island is fucking small, I miss taco bell, and no I still don’t know why my “husband” hasn’t moved here yet”.

Anywhoodle, love all ya’ll.


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