>Crunch! Squish! Eww!

>”Crunch, Squish, “Eww”!” has been felt/heard around this apartment quite often in the last few weeks. Millipedes have been all over. As you may or may not be aware I often catch and release insects and other critters, not because I’m concerned about their welfare but more the “squish” factor. The larger the body of the insect the ickier it is to squish em. So, when a giant tree cockroach comes sauntering into the house I am much more likely to capture it and send it outside. So, these (damn) Gungalas (millipedes) are EVERYWHERE and my feet are tattooed with imprints from their poor sad little squished bodies. Their ichor tends to stain which lasts a little over a week. The sensation of unintentionally crushing an exoskeleton with the accompanying squelch is not something I wish for anyone.

There is no real point to this post except that every stupid time I step on a stupid millipede I think, “I really need to write about this”.
So I did.
Anyway, all is well, things are going good. Been busy, but busy is good.
Love ya’ll

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