There is a large amount of stupid in this world. We all know this, but as I lay here staring at a big white page where my blog post is supposed to go while my left hip throbs and I am forced to listen to the dreadful hold music provided by the American Airlines which is intermittently interrupted by a very nice woman apologizing profusely before putting me back on hold. I don’t know which is worse–the music or the poor lady repeatedly apologizing. The hip you ask? ah yes…despite everyone in my life believing my injured hip is a Fancy Sex Injury it is, in fact, a stupid Holy Shit I Am So Out Of Shape I Bent Over Sideways To Pick Up A Ball OW OW Fuck My Life I’m So Old I Broke Myself In A Stupid Way injury. I kind of wish it was a Fancy Sex Injury, at least it would be a better story; maybe something involving rigging…..anyway, sorry, kinda got lost there but then I moved and OW! I remembered I am apparently too broken to play fucking fetch with my dog let alone be adventurous without some form of stretching before hand.

Holy Crap; I’m off hold! Time to pay for a work flight change which will make my boss ever so grumpy.


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