>In my continued theme of "I'm so tired I aint gonna make it" blogging here are today's 3 items of note:

1. I'm sunburnt in a very attractive 'coverall' way. You know, face and neck are red. It's sexy. :/

2. If someone tells me to 'calm down' I am 85% more likely to punch them in the throat.

3. I'm pretty sure Tweedle-dum (aka the Lady) is getting the ole' heeve ho out the refinery.

4. I find if you tell someone, "sir, I find you racist and unpleasant. Please don't talk like that around me" they tend to fear and loathe you a LOT more.

5. When my boss has an extremely nice and sweet toned voice during a conversation with someone else I fear for that person's life. It means he's trying Extra hard to not explode. Not that I've ever Seen him explode, it's just that I'm working directly with him a Lot more cause I'm working days and I'm learning him.

My Favorite thing is when my boss gets all spun up and angry. My least favorite thing is when he looks at me when I'm all spun up and angry with a look that says I'm too spun up. Although to give him credit he has NEVER told me to calm down.

Okay. That's it.

Now sleep then tomorrow more exciting adventures of "pray we don't blow up; wtf is wrong now; wtf is wrong with these people; where the hell did night shift move my equipment".

Gnite folks!

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