>Oh. My. GAWD.

>So. Seriously. Its friday which means it's What the F friday. And oh Lawdy…

….The above grammatically challenged "sentence" was written at 8:17 in the morning on Friday while waiting for The Interlopers (aka the lady and the dude). They were late. I asked them to meet me on site at 8am and for the second day in a row they wandered on in just late enough to mess with my schedule. All I could say is that it bothers me on a professional level for people to be late. It just does. Don't get me wrong, it happens to the best of us. But when 'consulting' I would have rather spent 30 minutes waiting in my car because I got there early than dare be late. And it sure as heck wouldn't have happened 2 days in a row.

This TA coulda been fun. Well. As fun as such things could be. In a perfect world my old co-workers would have been down. I coulda been working nights. It woulda been AWESOME.

Instead. Well. It looks like its time for Heather to grow up, work, and work some more (my "inner" child says FUSS!). I will be scheduled with the Dude. So far he has made about 4 derogatory statements about women as well as confirming my suspicions regarding his inherent racism. So far the only thing that has gotten me through this is my co-worker. I talked about him a long time ago. We 'sarcasm' at each other. He heard me snap at these people in the lab on Friday morning and took them away on a walk thru of the FCC. Those couple hours of peace…well, they got me through.

Here's what I already knew. I am not meant to be a teacher. Nope.

It also helps when I was telling the sarcastic co-worker about the random anti-women commentary from the dude. Sarcastic co-worker looked at me and said something along the lines of "yeah, freakin' vaginas!". This led to much hoolarity on our parts.

Sometimes it take working with people who don't automatically click with you to make you thankful for the people you normally work with. I am very blessed to be working with a great team of people.

Goodnight all!


>Welp. It’s here. okay, it’s not actually here yet but it is pre-turnaround.
The acid plant is down and today, well today I began the insane task of trying to organize the Industrial Hygiene Laboratory. I don’t even know how to explain this lab to ya’ll, but I will try. Picture a room…fill it with a lab bench with many drawers, a sink, a double lab desk, two of the worst chairs you have ever sat in, one (totally yoinked from another office) decent chair, and a bunch of mismatched shelving units and file cabinets. Now fill everything with crap. Okay, not crap…just the accumulated equipment of a half a dozen employees throughout the ages. Nothing was thrown away. nada. About 3 weeks ago my boss came in just to mournfully look around and tell me about pictures of another “nice” IH lab he had seen. Unable to stand the Huckleberry Hound look on his face I said words that have since haunted my existence….”I’ll take care of it.”
What. The. Cockedy. Cock. Was. I. Thinking?

So today I was boxing, cleaning, packing, moving, and throwing away…oh so much throwing away.
And then my day STOPPED.
Why? you ask…well, they are here…
Who? you ask….THEM.
The support industrial hygienists. They are not from the company I used to work for…they are the INTERLOPERS. And let me tell ya, I am underwhelmed. Although, on the bright side (evil giggle) I am SO excited to be snarky about people again.
Okay, here is my token good person moment: some people don’t make good first impressions, they just arrived yesterday and could be jetlagged, they may be many reasons they seemed, well, meh.
There is a lady and a dude. I shall from this point forward call them Lady and Dude. Don’t get me wrong they were nice enough, just seemed underwhelmed with everything and kind of snotty about the island which I found rather offensive. *shrugs* I tend to violently defend things (and people) I love.
So, anywhoodle, my boss asked me when we were alone at the “end” (ended up doing 2 more hours of work at the Acid Plant) of the day, “so, did we need them? or could we have done without?”
My reply, “to be determined boss, to be determined…”
Goodnight ya’ll. It is SO bed-thirty.

>Ack! I know.

>Morning! I know, it's late. Well. It's early but this post is late.

Here is a quick "medical monday" tip do you have any meds that have an unpleasant smell or taste? Buy a small tin of Altoid Smalls and add a few of the mints to your meds. Soon, your meds will have a minty smell and taste. Don't do this if you have young children. And if you have older children lock up any meds you have–those "pharm" parties freak me the Hell out. Have you heard of this crap? Seriously, they take any meds they can and dump them in a big bowl, then everyone gets a handful. I mean come ON, seriously? These kids are just lazy. You know most of the crap in there is prolly diabetic and cholesterol lowering meds…..mmmm, liver damage. Tasty.

Okay, sorry for the lecture; I just woke up and don't wanna get up and go to work. *fuss*

turnaround isn't even Here yet and already I'm Busy as hell. Funny moment of Monday–I was on the phone at 4:15PM to another person in the Safety department…all of a sudden the fire alarm goes off and at the exact same moment we both said, "*Expletive* Is that Real?". Now, we did use different expletives, but the sentiment was the same. :). It was real, but it was false as well–stupid electrical short.

Much Love folks.


>Happy WTF Friday!

>Normally I would try to find some darn crazy thing that happened and chat aimlessly about it for a while. Well, I don’t have to do that today–I have had enought WTF in the past 2 days to write a book. Hey, speaking of books, I got my Yule present from my co-worker. I am oddly excited to read this book written in the 20s by a dude wandering through the west indies. In case you are wondering, I got him an erlenmeyer flask. These presents *sound* weird–but really, they have a point. 🙂

Anyway, onto Heather’s WTF. So, remember about 6 months and 3 months ago when I didn’t know if I got to stay…blah blah blah? Yeah, that just happened AGAIN. Totally got locked out of the refinery for a day. “What!?!” I hear you say, aghast, “but…”. yup. But indeed. There are paperwork things…they all have acronyms of which I have no clue as to what they stand for, but holy heck are they important. The crux of the matter is the people who pay me weren’t getting paid. So they weren’t gonna pay me AND were going to take away my car.

All I can say as I look around shell shocked is what the cockedy cock? And then spend a lot of time wondering how I would get home…

Because I cannot control ANY of these things. I am going to drink tea. I am going to drink so much tea that my teeth float. Because people, what I can control, is how much tea I drink. *sip* ahhhh, refreshing.

Anywhoodle, I think the drama of the whole thing is over…they moved money from one acronym to another acronym because the budget of yet another acronym accounted for my existence. *shrugs*
Whatcha gonna do? Drink tea people, drink tea.

>Whatever Wednesday-New Years Resolutions

>So today I am going to talk about New Years resolutions, etc. I have never believed in them much, so per as usual I made about 20. My husband made one…and he finished it on New Years day at around 4PM. His resolution was to cut off all his hair. So now he’s all good for the year and I am still wading through mine thinking–holy hell, I am screwed. But the one resolution to write here at least three times per week seems to be a good one–so here’s hoping. 😉

Speaking of the husband, he is flying over the ocean winging his way towards Chicago today. Which, I’m not going to lie to you, blows. We spent the first week bickering and fighting as we (again) had to learn to live around each other and then by the time we settled down he had to leave again. So, anywhoodle, I’m a touch sad and lonely but I’m sure I will get sucked into work drama stress activities and have no more time for feelings. 🙂

Speaking of work; had a fun little mishap where my contract kind of expired at the end of the year and hadn’t been renewed, and in theory I shouldn’t have been able to come to work (this sounds familiar…) but I didn’t find out until I was at work. *big sigh* Everything is all working out fine…just been a wee bit tense these days.

Folks, the turnaround, she be a comin’. And pretty much expect me to be writing bat crap crazy postings radomly because as you may or may not know working 7 days a week for super long shifts tends to make people a smidge wackadoo.

that’s about all for this wednesday.
hugs, love, and all that other crap.

>Medical Monday…

>So per my New Years Resolution to write more crap here ya go.
Happy Medical Monday–in theory this is where I comment upon some medical related news story.
I considered doing the Miracle Mom story and the sleep story: here is miracle mom:
Poor lady came in very pregnant. Had a heart attack and was technically dead…did an emergency c-section, the baby came out with difficulties. Mom's heartbeat came back. They got baby going and they are both doing very well. This is a freaking awesome story. (If I were a good blogger I would put a link in here or some damn thing but just google it if you want details) I love this story. Happily ever after at Yule-time…its fuzzy happy awesome. The part that made me apply my forehead to my desk in a repeated thumping manner is this: the doctors say they don't know how it happened.
Rokily Dokily. I call Shennigans!!! (Aka Bullshit)
I know how it happened. If you all take a second and think about it you will know how it happened. These doctors know how it happened too; they are just caught up in miracle madness.
I know what you're thinking: Miracles are cool. I am pro-miracle. What the heck is wrong with miracles you pinko commie pain in the ass?
However before any panties continue in a bunching manner here are some examples of the line I'm trying to draw:
Miracle: *you* see the face of *your* God on a potato chip. Mmmkay, cool. Enjoy. Think about it, meditate on it, show your friends and family if you must. In other words, rock on with your bad self.
Miracle Madness: people coming to worship your potato chip.
Miracle: *you* see the face of the Virgin Mary on an underpass in Chicago. You know, where the homeless pee? Great. Enjoy that moisture crack salt seepage–but do so privately.
Miracle Madness: encouraging your small child to kiss the place on the underpass (you know, where the homeless PEE?!?!) where according to the news report, some dude saw the Virgin Mary.
Anyway, I guess I want my miracles private and my doctors a little more stoic. Cripes, there was a whole other human inside this woman, maybe, just maybe, when they pulled that baby out it took some of the pressure off her system and allowed blood to flow, restarting the heart? Just a theory. Cripes, it *is* miraculous–and Gods bless them, I hope their family remains happy and healthy. I just don't want my doctors standing around, chewing on a thumb saying, "duh, yup. Thas'a miracle. Don't know how that there happened." And then shrug.
Nuh-uh. Not okay. 😉

So that's all for medical monday. Hope you enjoyed.
I am going to bed because a. I'm tired, b. there was a study done that said less sleep = depression, and c. well, hell, still tired.

Nighty Night!