>Ack! I know.

>Morning! I know, it's late. Well. It's early but this post is late.

Here is a quick "medical monday" tip do you have any meds that have an unpleasant smell or taste? Buy a small tin of Altoid Smalls and add a few of the mints to your meds. Soon, your meds will have a minty smell and taste. Don't do this if you have young children. And if you have older children lock up any meds you have–those "pharm" parties freak me the Hell out. Have you heard of this crap? Seriously, they take any meds they can and dump them in a big bowl, then everyone gets a handful. I mean come ON, seriously? These kids are just lazy. You know most of the crap in there is prolly diabetic and cholesterol lowering meds…..mmmm, liver damage. Tasty.

Okay, sorry for the lecture; I just woke up and don't wanna get up and go to work. *fuss*

turnaround isn't even Here yet and already I'm Busy as hell. Funny moment of Monday–I was on the phone at 4:15PM to another person in the Safety department…all of a sudden the fire alarm goes off and at the exact same moment we both said, "*Expletive* Is that Real?". Now, we did use different expletives, but the sentiment was the same. :). It was real, but it was false as well–stupid electrical short.

Much Love folks.


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