>Welp. It’s here. okay, it’s not actually here yet but it is pre-turnaround.
The acid plant is down and today, well today I began the insane task of trying to organize the Industrial Hygiene Laboratory. I don’t even know how to explain this lab to ya’ll, but I will try. Picture a room…fill it with a lab bench with many drawers, a sink, a double lab desk, two of the worst chairs you have ever sat in, one (totally yoinked from another office) decent chair, and a bunch of mismatched shelving units and file cabinets. Now fill everything with crap. Okay, not crap…just the accumulated equipment of a half a dozen employees throughout the ages. Nothing was thrown away. nada. About 3 weeks ago my boss came in just to mournfully look around and tell me about pictures of another “nice” IH lab he had seen. Unable to stand the Huckleberry Hound look on his face I said words that have since haunted my existence….”I’ll take care of it.”
What. The. Cockedy. Cock. Was. I. Thinking?

So today I was boxing, cleaning, packing, moving, and throwing away…oh so much throwing away.
And then my day STOPPED.
Why? you ask…well, they are here…
Who? you ask….THEM.
The support industrial hygienists. They are not from the company I used to work for…they are the INTERLOPERS. And let me tell ya, I am underwhelmed. Although, on the bright side (evil giggle) I am SO excited to be snarky about people again.
Okay, here is my token good person moment: some people don’t make good first impressions, they just arrived yesterday and could be jetlagged, they may be many reasons they seemed, well, meh.
There is a lady and a dude. I shall from this point forward call them Lady and Dude. Don’t get me wrong they were nice enough, just seemed underwhelmed with everything and kind of snotty about the island which I found rather offensive. *shrugs* I tend to violently defend things (and people) I love.
So, anywhoodle, my boss asked me when we were alone at the “end” (ended up doing 2 more hours of work at the Acid Plant) of the day, “so, did we need them? or could we have done without?”
My reply, “to be determined boss, to be determined…”
Goodnight ya’ll. It is SO bed-thirty.

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