>Oh. My. GAWD.

>So. Seriously. Its friday which means it's What the F friday. And oh Lawdy…

….The above grammatically challenged "sentence" was written at 8:17 in the morning on Friday while waiting for The Interlopers (aka the lady and the dude). They were late. I asked them to meet me on site at 8am and for the second day in a row they wandered on in just late enough to mess with my schedule. All I could say is that it bothers me on a professional level for people to be late. It just does. Don't get me wrong, it happens to the best of us. But when 'consulting' I would have rather spent 30 minutes waiting in my car because I got there early than dare be late. And it sure as heck wouldn't have happened 2 days in a row.

This TA coulda been fun. Well. As fun as such things could be. In a perfect world my old co-workers would have been down. I coulda been working nights. It woulda been AWESOME.

Instead. Well. It looks like its time for Heather to grow up, work, and work some more (my "inner" child says FUSS!). I will be scheduled with the Dude. So far he has made about 4 derogatory statements about women as well as confirming my suspicions regarding his inherent racism. So far the only thing that has gotten me through this is my co-worker. I talked about him a long time ago. We 'sarcasm' at each other. He heard me snap at these people in the lab on Friday morning and took them away on a walk thru of the FCC. Those couple hours of peace…well, they got me through.

Here's what I already knew. I am not meant to be a teacher. Nope.

It also helps when I was telling the sarcastic co-worker about the random anti-women commentary from the dude. Sarcastic co-worker looked at me and said something along the lines of "yeah, freakin' vaginas!". This led to much hoolarity on our parts.

Sometimes it take working with people who don't automatically click with you to make you thankful for the people you normally work with. I am very blessed to be working with a great team of people.

Goodnight all!

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