>Medical Monday…

>So per my New Years Resolution to write more crap here ya go.
Happy Medical Monday–in theory this is where I comment upon some medical related news story.
I considered doing the Miracle Mom story and the sleep story: here is miracle mom:
Poor lady came in very pregnant. Had a heart attack and was technically dead…did an emergency c-section, the baby came out with difficulties. Mom's heartbeat came back. They got baby going and they are both doing very well. This is a freaking awesome story. (If I were a good blogger I would put a link in here or some damn thing but just google it if you want details) I love this story. Happily ever after at Yule-time…its fuzzy happy awesome. The part that made me apply my forehead to my desk in a repeated thumping manner is this: the doctors say they don't know how it happened.
Rokily Dokily. I call Shennigans!!! (Aka Bullshit)
I know how it happened. If you all take a second and think about it you will know how it happened. These doctors know how it happened too; they are just caught up in miracle madness.
I know what you're thinking: Miracles are cool. I am pro-miracle. What the heck is wrong with miracles you pinko commie pain in the ass?
However before any panties continue in a bunching manner here are some examples of the line I'm trying to draw:
Miracle: *you* see the face of *your* God on a potato chip. Mmmkay, cool. Enjoy. Think about it, meditate on it, show your friends and family if you must. In other words, rock on with your bad self.
Miracle Madness: people coming to worship your potato chip.
Miracle: *you* see the face of the Virgin Mary on an underpass in Chicago. You know, where the homeless pee? Great. Enjoy that moisture crack salt seepage–but do so privately.
Miracle Madness: encouraging your small child to kiss the place on the underpass (you know, where the homeless PEE?!?!) where according to the news report, some dude saw the Virgin Mary.
Anyway, I guess I want my miracles private and my doctors a little more stoic. Cripes, there was a whole other human inside this woman, maybe, just maybe, when they pulled that baby out it took some of the pressure off her system and allowed blood to flow, restarting the heart? Just a theory. Cripes, it *is* miraculous–and Gods bless them, I hope their family remains happy and healthy. I just don't want my doctors standing around, chewing on a thumb saying, "duh, yup. Thas'a miracle. Don't know how that there happened." And then shrug.
Nuh-uh. Not okay. 😉

So that's all for medical monday. Hope you enjoyed.
I am going to bed because a. I'm tired, b. there was a study done that said less sleep = depression, and c. well, hell, still tired.

Nighty Night!

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