>2010!!!! Here’s the new schedule. (wtf friday)

>Sheesh, when you actually type the year 2010…wow,it feels *very* futuristic.

Anyway, I have figured out my new schedule for this blog. Obviously there are going to be exceptions to every rule but here is the plan:
Three entries per week; the current plans are obviously subject to change based upon my whims.
Monday will be Medical Monday–I have no set reason for making Mondays medical-y themed…but heck, why not?!
Wednesday will be Whatever I Want Wednesday.
Friday will be WTF Friday.

So, it’s Friday; here is your WTF Friday entry.
I got nothing. Seriously, just scoured some news reports, stopping at my favorite news site (fark.com)and while I found many things what made me have a giggle there was no real moment of what. the. f***. *shrugs*
It’s New Years Day and I have been in my pajamas all day. At one point I changed into new pajamas. Not exciting stuff, but honestly…not to bad either. My mother would be *horrified* at my lack of exciting-ness. She called me at about 1:30 AM this morning. I was, of course, in bed. So for any of you under the misconception that I am a “party animal” you should realize that this New Years Eve I partied more along the lines of an 85 year old. I blame it all on the fact I have a cold. *pout*.

Have a great weekend and a great start to the new year!
More interesting entry on Monday!

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