>Whatever Wednesday-New Years Resolutions

>So today I am going to talk about New Years resolutions, etc. I have never believed in them much, so per as usual I made about 20. My husband made one…and he finished it on New Years day at around 4PM. His resolution was to cut off all his hair. So now he’s all good for the year and I am still wading through mine thinking–holy hell, I am screwed. But the one resolution to write here at least three times per week seems to be a good one–so here’s hoping. 😉

Speaking of the husband, he is flying over the ocean winging his way towards Chicago today. Which, I’m not going to lie to you, blows. We spent the first week bickering and fighting as we (again) had to learn to live around each other and then by the time we settled down he had to leave again. So, anywhoodle, I’m a touch sad and lonely but I’m sure I will get sucked into work drama stress activities and have no more time for feelings. 🙂

Speaking of work; had a fun little mishap where my contract kind of expired at the end of the year and hadn’t been renewed, and in theory I shouldn’t have been able to come to work (this sounds familiar…) but I didn’t find out until I was at work. *big sigh* Everything is all working out fine…just been a wee bit tense these days.

Folks, the turnaround, she be a comin’. And pretty much expect me to be writing bat crap crazy postings radomly because as you may or may not know working 7 days a week for super long shifts tends to make people a smidge wackadoo.

that’s about all for this wednesday.
hugs, love, and all that other crap.

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