I live here

So, I live in the VI. I don’t know what I find more disturbing, my day…or the fact that it didn’t seem weird til now.
First, gave a local the stink eye and a snarky “good morning” when he didnt good morning the gas station. He received a pleasant smile when he apologized for his rudeness. Most of this conversation was done with body language. Spent the day playing which project is most urgent. One highlight was I got to see my boss laughing at my comment to a friend as I ran down the hall. (comment was: I don’t care who you are, if you whisper over the radio you sound like a perv!) I like making people laugh.
I give up on accomplishing anything at 5:30 and head home, stopping at subway. It was apparently crack head day at subway and after being asked for money twice I headed to the grocery store after eating my sammich of course. Where I enjoyed having the what does rapid air monitoring mean (i have fancy new covealls). After listening to the grocery lady’s newest drama I headed home.
I was handing out tonights dog food and there was an extra dog. Huh? Wait…what? Well hello tiny brown and white dog….
That’s when I realized….shit be weird.

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