>Remember when I could use the internet?

>Hello? World? So, the power has been consistently on for a good 24 hours (total progress) however I still have no cell service of any kind and no wifi. Having spent a solid hour contacting the various companies to see if they had a projected time…well, they all just laughed so I'm thinking it's gonna be a while.

And the rain. Hooo-doggie, the rain. Bright side-cisterns have got to be full. Downside-I'm a wee bit clammy as is everything I own.

Additionally I am sad to say nothing funny has happened the past couple of days. Oh…hold on. Okay, so last night there was a fire (it happens) and therefore my boss and sarcastic co-worker were called in (I'm totally 3rd string; I don't even have bunker gear. No lie-I WANT to be a first responder but shit-first I need to get hired). So this morning the office was filled with my sarcastic coworkers wet bunker gear. I didn't care, it needs to dry somewhere. So what if we looked like some insane laundry service. So we were starting to get looks and the boss wanders in and tells us to go check out a newly emptied office because it's bigger.

We are totally moving. 🙂 we now get to hide in the back. So, although I'm pretty sure they are just hiding the crazy people in the back office, the new digs should suit us (and all our crap) pretty well.

Have a great night ya'll!


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