>Well. Today was eeenteresting.

Got to work after being out sick yesterday (hey, cut me some slack, I worked some from home and felt like boiled hell) found out I had a meeting in 2 hours that I was supposed to lead.


Then my boss indicates (tells) me that sometimes I am all over the place in meetings and that is okay cause it is part of my style. (Yes people….ADD can be a style, oooooh shiny, what's that, wait, what?) But maybe this meeting I should have an agenda.


All in all I had a pretty good day. A wee bit hectic, but I'm getting better at prioritizing.

I certainly have grown up, matured, no, wait, better description…gotten old in the last year. I realized while searching in vain (boss found a copy-so all was not lost) for an email sent about 15 months ago that I had a certain immaturity to my emails which, while adorable AND hoolarious (to me), probably wasn't appreciated by everyone. *shrugs*

Interesting sidenote: I no longer cower in fear in regards to upper management. So, that's a plus. I am calling that a win for tonight and going to bed.

Additionally, just to give ya'll a mental image of my maturity level, in today's meeting I pointed at the man who claimed he didn't receive the email I sent 15 months ago and said, "I CALL SHENNANIGANS ON THAT, SIR!".

Hell. At least I didn't say bullshit.

Maturing here people. Every. Freakin'. Day.

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