and then there were three…

There is a small subset of the population which truly are my kryptonite.  They all appear to have the following similarities:

  1. They are big dudes. Seriously, we are talking that guy that when they walk in the room people say, “whoa”. Usually over 6′ 3″. 
  2. They are very smart.
  3. They are very dour.
  4. They are intrigued by me, sort of attracted to me, but don’t really like me very much.

The first version of my kryptonite I married, the second moved to another country while I was out-of-town, and the third one just disappeared before I could ever kiss him in person. I *should* be thankful that I didn’t get a chance to do something stupid like fall in love with him.  But boy howdy is it going to be awkward when we run into each other (notice I didn’t say “if”? yeah, the Gods love awkward way too much for it to be “if we ever run into each other”).

The problem with H-Kryptonite is that I *want* to make them happy. Everything inside me screams to do everything I can to make them happy–but when they aren’t (see #3) it hurts me because I feel like I failed. Lame, right?

So, new rule? If a suitor comes my way and they display any version of #4 – it is a HELL NO because I deserve better.  If they have either #1 or #2 (yay!) but if they combine either of those with a #3 I’m thinking itsa no.

I need a flow chart.

~big yawn~