>Hey folks

>Sorry it has been a while, things have been stressful since my birthday (July 1st). Turns out the ever dreaded $$$ for me to work at the refinery ran out the day before my birthday; no-one told me so I continued to work. Long story short–I was fought for, but $$$ officially runs out at the end of September. So that combined with more layoffs, well, things are tough. However, you all know that, things are tough everywhere. I am blessed to have a job. No matter how annoyingly irritating people can be to deal with, I am still happy to have a job to deal with them.

I have news regarding the apartment. First off, they have totally fixed the road. Well, its still dirty, but it has been graded. Holy crap is that exciting. It is smooth sailing up and down that thing. It is almost a pleasure to leave my apartment now. Secondly, I have new neighbors. I still have my crazy neighbor, but he is moving out (or so I hear). But there are two new people in the “main house”. And wait for it; they seem totally normal!!! Now, obviously, this normal thing is a sliding scale but here is some compelling evidence that they are in fact, normal (ish): they invited us to dinner one night with some of their friends and we all got along–with much laughter. This shows 1. they have maintained friendships and 2. since they find me entertaining they have a GREAT sense of humor ;). Then, we all met up at the rib cook off (where I kid you not, I never got to eat a rib–because they ran out within the first hour) where we all bought alternating rounds of beer and later that night we play Wii Bowling at their house (btw: I am NOT good at bowling, Wii or otherwise). So yes, normal, kind, and fun. I don’t know if I will get ANY good stories out of them; but I will probably have more fun up here.

Wilkes (husband) and I took the dogs to the beach on Saturday after the “rib” cook-off (you know, the one with no ribs?). I was swimming and dragged Life (big dog) into the ocean–she was NOT happy with this plan at all. Teak (small dog) on the other hand was happy as a clam. I swam all the way out, he happily paddled next to me. When I stopped swimming he swam around me in circles. Just to experiment, I grabbed onto his tail. No kidding, he pulled me all the way into shore. Life sulked behind a tree. I swam out again, he “saved” me again. Teak and I have a new fun game. 🙂 Life, meanwhile, will hide behind a tree.

I guess thats about it for now. Hope all is well with ya’ll.
Miss you.

>How I know I’m old…

>So, I'm sitting here, wiping snotty tears off my face after watching one of those stupid uplifting/depressing movies my friend keeps sending me. I don't necessarily enjoy having feelings, ya know Carol. 🙂 🙂 I was thinking to myself, gosh, I'm up *really* late. Wilkes has been upstairs snoring for HOURS. The dogs are passed out snoring in a nice counterpoint to Wilkes. I estimated it to be around 2AM. I looked at the clock, it was 11:12 PM. What the heck?!?!? I recall times of not going out UNTIL 11PM. Nowadays I know its a party if I let myself have a caffeinated beverage after 3PM. *sigh*
The downhill slide has begun folks. Next thing you know I'll be eating a balanced diet, stop dying my hair funny colors, and stop pricing full body tattoos.
Although I would rock as a purple-haired, tattooed old lady.


these damn assholes.  seriously. SERIOUSLY? They are playing yo-yo with my GODDAMN LIFE.   Yes, I freakin’ love it here.  Yes, I love the work.  But Holy Fucking Shit if you want me to feel all warm and cozy to you pieces of shit when you hide things like, “oh yeah, you were supposed to be fired on June 30th; but sercurity forgot to deactivate your badge–so, uh, well, gee.  Sorry about that.  But don’t worry, your good *now* til september.”  Well gee fucking thanks.  I’m sorry.  I am filling a service for you here.  I am DOING MY GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING JOB.  Yes, it costs a hell of a lot because GUESS FUCKING WHAT? I work with a hazardous goddamn material.  Peoples fucking lives are in my GODDAMN hands–if I say something is okay and it’s not–they can die.  Again, the cost is not my freakin’ problem.  You wanted my ass here–I came.  I am doing my ever loving best.   And gee person who is my co-worker/friend who FUCKING KNEW ABOUT THIS…sure would have been fucking nice if you had told me.

I hate you all right now.

>The beer, the dogs, and the bra–a 4th of July Story

>Don’t get excited; this is not that good of a story–but the title totally rocked; didn’t it?

For the 4th of July the husband and I were invited over to a small party at a co-worker’s. Since I hang out with these people I guess it is appropriate to call them friends, but still, I am working from a place of accuracy. 🙂
Anywhoodle, I brought the dogs (my furballs; not the hotdogs) and they proceded to play with their 3 dogs. So, we had quite the pack of beasts running around–but all actually quite well behaved. I brought beer. and then, to celebrate the 4th and my continued good health I drank beer (and pomegranate martinis – yum!).
When I first came to St. Croix back in 2007 I noticed then that this island–well, I can’t think of how to put it delicately–no-one seems to wear a bra. Since I came here for work (at a refinery, which has fires, and I don’t reccommend wearing things like polyester) the only support garments I brought were cotton sports bras. Comfy, utilitarian, and if I was sporting the dreaded “uni-boob” who really cared? I was wearing fire retardant coveralls. But then I started making nice with people, and getting invited out, and I realized (with horror) that it was in fact innapropriate to wear pajamas to the bar (well, kind of innapropriate anyway). So the uniboob look was out. When I ran back to Chicago the first thing I did was find a few well fitting bras and throw them in the suitcase. So when I was getting dressed for the small party I thought I should bust out a bra. I now know why no-one wears them here. It is too hot. This is just a small tip for those of you coming to visit. 🙂 The fashion tip for this island is “comfy”.

>dude…it is hot.

>in all honesty, it is probably very pleasant most places here, for example, in a hammock, on the beach, in the ocean…however today in my laboratory (yes, I pronounce it the way an evil scientist would….) the a/c went out and it worked its way towards 90 degrees. I know because I checked. 🙂 so, as I sweated in front of a microscope in what could very well have been the 3rd circle of hell I thought to myself, self, tonight you need to update your blog…seriously. So I came home, took a cold shower (purposefully), grabbed my pjs hot out of the dryer (which in any other climate would be a good thing–here, ugh) and am now sitting below my living room fan.

Okay, so here are the updates:


Oh happiness is being pain-free. You may all recall I had hurt my back (NOT at work. 🙂 ). It made me gimp around, the pain was horrible. Or so I thought. Until a week and a half ago when I woke up Friday morning, began vomiting, went to work to give a talk on asbestos, continued vomiting, was fairly certain someone was stabbing me in the right kidney (just typing that is giving me a twinge), drove home, took pain pills, vomited pain pills (I know…the waste), told my husband “hospital” and off I went to Governor Juan F. Luis Hospital in Christiansted. Now, typing that sentence was a lot easier than the actual journey. My (poor) husband had to learn to drive on the left hand side with me screeching in agony and then passing out for a little while. And in reality neither of us knew where the hospital was–but I had a good idea.
However, we made it there fairly quickly and I was triaged in ahead of people–which was for the best since I was about to lay on the floor–and it wasn’t very clean. They gave me Toradol–which although not a narcotic became MY BEST FRIEND as it helped relieve the pain. Which came back, and then they introduced me to morphine–at which point my wise, wise, husband took my phone away and I took a nap. The nurse tucked my blanket around me so it wouldn’t touch the floor because (and I quote), “don’t want any of the creepy crawlies to get up there”. (I know, ewww, right?) So, long story short, it turned out to be a kidney stone. Holy hell people, drink water, do not get dehydrated, I did, and it is not worth the PAIN. I passed the darn thing per the CT scan but I am kinda disappointed that I didn’t get to see it…maybe I could of made a bead out of it or somthin…
So, yeah. I am healthy (now), but I had a hell of a run there for a while.

Sadly, nothing exciting to report. He hasn’t spoken to me since Wilkes arrived. It also appears that he has not been beaten up again, so that’s good. My landlord apparently arrived back tonight (I see his jeep) but other than that no interesting news there.

Can’t really think of much else that’s going on. They did a big round of asbestos awareness training at the refinery, so I have been busy–and busy is good. However I don’t like to confuse being needed with being important. This job is still hanging on by a thread–not a wussy thread, but a thread.

Hugs to all!